Moving the Chain Spotlight #14 Roger Ver

Moving the Chain Spotlight #14 Roger Ver

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Moving the Chain is an ongoing series from Blockchain WTF that shines a spotlight on folks who are making an impact in the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.  


Roger Ver has been investing in bitcoin-related startups since 2011. The voluntaryist (a person who works to achieve a free society through non-violent means) became a millionaire at the age of 25, after starting his own computer parts business.

Blockchain in Chicago Gala at the Hyatt Centric: December 8th, 2017 Part 4

The Chicago blockchain community is gathered on December 8th, 2017 to hear some of the most influential blockchain voices in Chicago. The night’s goal was to demonstrate some of the technology behind the recent rapid gain in value of bitcoin, ether, and cryptocurrencies in general!

This video features Marquis Davis, founder of Urban Array. Urban Array is a decentralized crowd-sourced social enterprise. Urban Array has the goal of bringing together community contributors, allowing them to collaborate in ways to develop communities and sustainable business practices. Urban Array uses blockchain technology to manage a fair and equitable governance and voting process.

Check out Part 1-3 of this event:

Part 1 – Taylor Gerring on blockchain technology

Part 2 – Jeremy Cogan on Blockchain WTF

Part 3 – Danny Johnson on PinkCoin

Ardor: Blockchain Token – What is it?

This episode of Blockchain Token – Which is it? covers Ardor! In this series, we will cover the different types of blockchain platforms and cryptocurrencies on the market right now.  We’ll give you a quick description of each blockchain/token, its function, who is their competition and where you can learn more.

Ardor is one of the projects that is offering blockchain as a service, basically the project connects people willing to build a blockchain with private companies that need them. Ardor is its built off of NXT blockchain tech, an alternative to bitcoin and ethereum’s blockchains. See how Ardor differentiates itself with this episode of Blockchain Token – What is it?

BoB Meetup: Andreas Antonopoulos – The Decentralization of Truth

Watch Andreas Antonopoulos talk at mHub Chicago on October 29, 2017. He discusses the learning curve that many people experience entering the realm of blockchains and cryptocurrencies, authenticity of value in money systems and cryptocurrencies, and how in this new space the “decentralization of truth” becomes a new and interesting factor in technology and learning.

ICO or NO: Episode 26 DenCity

DenCity is a immersive online experience, not unlike “The Sims” or “Second Life,” that is powered by the blockchain. Need a break from the real world? Then the DenCity project might interest you. The DenCity team is designing a world where you can buy land, interact with other users, and even make cryptocurrency by having a “virtual job.” By implementing the DNX token, users can get paid in real cryptocurrency!

Watch Jeremy break down everything you need to know about the DenCity ICO project!

BoB MeetUp: Pamela Morgan – Estate Planning with Cryptocurrencies

Watch Pamela Morgan as she breaks down an often overlooked component of cryptocurrency: estate planning. Pamela is a lawyer and founder of Third Key Solutions. With the rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies, many have neglected to address what will happen to their cryptocurrency in the case of death or severe injury. Pamela breaks down this intimidating prospect in a way even crypto newbies can understand!

Blockchain in Chicago Gala at The Hyatt Centric: December 8, 2017. Part 1

The blockchain community is growing and on December 8th the most influential blockchain voices in Chicago gathered in order to show you the technology behind the recent rapid gain in value of bitcoin, ether, and cryptocurrencies in general!

This event took place on the Downtown Chicago on the Magnificent Mile where blockchain enthusiasts heard talks from the likes of Disruption Joe, Taylor Gerring, Blockchain WTF, Urban Urray, PinkCoin, Coin Flash, Molecular Future, Collinstar and MANY MORE!!!