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Here are various blog posts from different sections of our site! We have articles that cater to various blockchain interests. Enjoy exploring the world of blockchain, whether it be technical information, resource guides, entertaining articles, blockchain comedies, music, and the list runs on!

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A Crypto Couplet


Poetry paints the picture of the physical world in beautiful prose, but it can also describe the awe of the blockchain and cryptocurrency worlds. Enjoy “A Crypto Couplet!”

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Blockchain & Freelancing


Millennials are rewriting the scripts for a career. They’re choosing to freelance and use blockchain technology to boot traditional 9-5 jobs and apply their creativity. New technologies like blockchain offer so many new opportunities for people to apply their skills and talents and find jobs that suit them.

Get a feel with a first-hand story by Becca, Blockchain WTF’s Social Media star!

Video what is blockchain

WTF Is a Blockchain? Watch This Video to Find out!


So, you’ve come to Blockchain.WTF to learn, well, WTF is a blockchain? (Or for the less crude, what is a blockchain?) You may also be wondering, how does blockchain affect me? We’ve got you covered. Just watch this video, to get a quick introduction into what blockchain is!

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Hellooooooo internet!


Welcome to Blockchain.WTF, where we aim to curate the best information about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain industry. While we’re not alone in this journey and a variety of other resources exist on these topics, we have an explicit goal of being approachable, practical, and relatable… and to do it all in a fun way! We hope these ingredients will add to the recipe of global blockchain adoption. Will you help us get there?

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