Test Your Blockchain Knowledge!

So you think you know about blockchains?


Let’s see how much you really know with a blockchain quiz!

Hear ye, hear ye! Calling all people of all blockchain knowledge.

Come test your skills with a super fun quiz. Challenge your friends! See who knows the most about blockchain technology!

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Just a beginner? See if you have the basics down!

How many servers are on a Decentralized Network?

What country currently accepts Bitcoin?

What does 'P2P' stand for?

What was purchased in the first Bitcoin transaction?

Which two words inspired Dash's name?

What is a node?

Who created Bitcoin?

Where do you store your cryptocurrency?

What is the unit that powers the Ethereum Virtual Machine?

What is a smart contract?

How fast are Litecoin transaction times?

What is a miner?

Perhaps you’re a bit more knowledgeable?

Try your skills on our more advanced quiz!

What is a private key?

What is the purpose of an Uncle block?

What is the term for when a blockchain splits?

What is the purpose of a nonce?

Which country is exploring blockchain use to track their land registries?

What is cold storage?

What is the genesis block?

Where can you buy cryptocurrency?

What is Proof-of-Stake?

What incentivizes the correct validation of transactions?

Maybe you’re really and truly feeling like a blockchain champion!

Put your expert knowledge to the test.

What is the name of the research paper that brought Bitcoin to the world?

What is UTXO?

Who invented Merkle Trees?

What is the energy efficient alternative to Proof-of-Work consensus?

What is a Hash Function?

What does gas power?

What does IPFS stand for?

What is a Dash Masternode?

What makes blockchain tamper proof?

A hard-fork in Ethereum resulted in what?