62 Insane Facts About Bitcoin – An Infographic by BitcoinPlay

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Bitcoin is the first blockchain and cryptocurrency ever created. It all started in 2009 by an anonymous person named Satoshi Nakamoto. The publishing of Bitcoin’s White Paper slowly spiraled into technical innovation and applications over the years. And now the industry has hit a bit break, where blockchain technology projects are popping off all over the world, and development is booming.

Today, Bitcoin has seen huge pumps in the price, peaking at almost $8,000, and you can spend that bitcoin all over the web, and even in person. This grandfather of blockchains has paved the way for new technologies, possibilities, and opportunities across various industries, and we are still just at the beginning.

Below, the infographic (created by BitcoinPlay) covers 62 Insane Facts About Bitcoin. They are quite interesting!

interesting bitcoin facts
Sourced from https://bitcoinplay.net/58-insane-facts-about-bitcoin/