Blockchain A-Z

Blockchain A-Z covers all of the important topics you need to know if you’re just getting into blockchain!

We go letter by letter, with each episode defining a specific topic in under a minute. By the end of the series, you’ll know your blockchain ABCs!

This is the perfect series to quickly learn some important terminology, without much hassle or time!

Have a word you want a great explanation of? Let us know so we can cover it for you. Or check out our other glossaries to see if we already have!

A-Z: What is a Blockchain or Cryptocurrency Address?


What’s a blockchain or cryptocurrency address? When sending and receiving crypto, you’ll use your address. Learn exactly what an address is here!

A-Z: What are blocks on the blockchain?


Blocks make up the blockchain & its data – hence the name! Learn the essentials about what blocks on the blockchain are with our short & sweet video.

A-Z: What is Centralization and Decentralization?


What is centralization and decentralization? The concepts are opposites of each other, but both are essential for understanding blockchain technology!

A-Z: What are Distributed Ledgers?


Distributed ledgers are a type of database, and a blockchain technologies functions as one. So what exactly does distributed ledger mean? We explain it all!

A-Z: What are Cryptocurrency Exchanges?


What are cryptocurrency exchanges, and why would I use one? These exchanges are often how people first buy and sell crypto! Learn all about them here!

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