Blockchain A-Z

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Blockchain A-Z covers all of the important topics you need to know if you’re just getting into blockchain!

We go letter by letter, with each episode defining a specific topic in under a minute. By the end of the series, you’ll know your blockchain ABCs!

This is the perfect series to quickly learn some important terminology, without much hassle or time!

Have a word you want a great explanation of? Let us know so we can cover it for you. Or check out our other glossaries to see if we already have!

A-Z: What is a Blockchain or Cryptocurrency Address?


What’s a blockchain or cryptocurrency address? When sending and receiving crypto, you’ll use your address. Learn exactly what an address is here!

A-Z: What are blocks on the blockchain?


Blocks make up the blockchain & its data – hence the name! Learn the essentials about what blocks on the blockchain are with our short & sweet video.

A-Z: What is Centralization and Decentralization?


What is centralization and decentralization? The concepts are opposites of each other, but both are essential for understanding blockchain technology!

A-Z: What are Distributed Ledgers?


Distributed ledgers are a type of database, and a blockchain technologies functions as one. So what exactly does distributed ledger mean? We explain it all!

A-Z: What are Cryptocurrency Exchanges?


What are cryptocurrency exchanges, and why would I use one? These exchanges are often how people first buy and sell crypto! Learn all about them here!

A-Z: What is a blockchain fork?


When a blockchain fork happens, it essentially creates two copies of that blockchain. In these situations, it’s typically because of a philosophical disagreement in the governance of the platform. Learn about forks here!

A-Z: What is Gas?


Gas is the resource cost that runs the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM for short). But what is it, and what’s its purpose? Clear up some confusions about gas with our short explanation!

A-Z: What is a Hash Function?


A hash function is used to encrypt and secure various pieces of digital information and return a hash value. Cryptographic hashes are often used by cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin. Learn about what they are & how they work here!

A-Z: Internet of Things (IoT)


The Internet of Things (also known as IoT) is wide in scope, and on the technological horizon. Learn about this concept of interconnected devices and a digital control over all types of things. Blockchain may be apart of it.

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