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Automotive Industry Welcomes Blockchain


The automotive industry has long been in the technological dark ages. Newer technologies, however, have emerged that have propelled the auto industry into modernization. Smart cars are starting to make it onto the road, and with them comes a lot of new technology. One of these technologies may be blockchain. Experts realized blockchain has potential to revolutionize the industry. Read a bit about how this may happen here!

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Blockchain & Freelancing


Millennials are rewriting the scripts for a career. They’re choosing to freelance and use blockchain technology to boot traditional 9-5 jobs and apply their creativity. New technologies like blockchain offer so many new opportunities for people to apply their skills and talents and find jobs that suit them.

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Russia’s Adoption of Blockchain


Blockchain technology is far more than digital currencies, as we’ve seen with its adoption around the world. Well look out, world, Russia is joining the ranks of governments to adopt the breakthrough technology. Read about Russia’s adoption and integration of blockchains, and how it can help them function more accountably and effectively.

Digital Governance european union blockchain

EU Seeks to Understand Impact of Blockchain Technology


The European Union (EU) is just one of many governmentally-related organizations to be interested in blockchain technology. Unlike other countries who are currently adopting it via the acceptance of Bitcoin, as a cybersecurity boost, or as a leader in the technology. There are many other examples of governments undertaking blockchain as a viable technology. European Union and blockchain technology are about to be a well-known around the world. Read a bit about it here!

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Cybersecurity Issues & Blockchain


Cybersecurity issues are cropping up as more people turn to the internet for everyday activities. Your identity and information online should be protected and secure, and this article discusses how blockchain technology offers a plausible means for achieving greater security.

Digital Governance digital governance

Blockchain Technology Creates Accountability in Digital Governance


Blockchain is easily the way to implement digital accountability both now and in the future! Digital governance is the act of establishing set roles, rules, and regulations within the digital space. So, it basically means setting up the rules of online activities. In this particular case, it’s the implementation of agreed-upon rules within blockchain technology. Read about digital governance and how it can create greater accountability.

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Blockchain Allows for Major Increase in Digital Identity Security


Digital identity is the term for a set of attributes that specifically demarcates an entity online. In layman’s terms, it’s the data that makes you, you on the Internet. Naturally, that type of data is sensitive. You don’t want it to end up in the wrong hands. What better way to protect your digital identity than to record it on a distributed ledger known as–you guessed it!–a blockchain!

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Canadian Blockchain Technology Is About to Be Lit


Canadians realize the true capacity of blockchain technology, and they are next in line to participate in the blockchain revolution. The vast, expansive nation is held a conference in June, discussing the potential impact blockchain may make on the country, and government. Read about it here!

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