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Passing the Baton


Have you missed us? Wondering where we’ve been? We’re still here, we promise! You have probably noticed by now that our posts on WTF have crawled to a standstill. Don’t worry the crypto winter hasn’t stopped us from continuing to put out FREE educational content!

WTF is Decentralized Storage

What Is Decentralized Storage?


It’s no secret that Centralized Storage has issues. One way to fix them is to Decentralize it! Join us for a rundown of projects working towards this goal.

Monero Monero

Monero Unchained


Monero’s primary goal is privacy. While Bitcoin offers pseudo-anonymity, it is easy to trace the path of tokens. Monero is one of the best options to stay anonymous while transferring cryptocurrency.

WTF is ZK-Snarks

What are ZK-Snarks?


zk-Snarks are complicated. But don’t worry, Jeremy is here with this article to help break down the components and purpose of zk-Snarks.

Industry Industry Impacts Insurance

Improving Insurance


Applying the blockchain to the insurance industry can help add transparency, maintain the record of evidence, introduce smart contracts and more.

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