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Photography on Blockchain


Blockchain technology offers a great way for artists, like photographers, to gain back rights over their content, and in the future, to properly receive payment or recognition for their work. Blockchain, acting as a ledger, can record the original artists work, and keep a verifiable track of where it’s been and how it’s been used, allowing the artist to receive easy payment. Read more about how blockchains will impact photography and artists!

Finance blockchain freelancing

Blockchain on the Front Lines of Finance


Our current financial system serves tons of people every day, and moves multiple-trillions of dollars. While it may be our current system, it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best system. Not surprisingly, its wrought with issues.

Blockchain technology can offer solutions to many of the problems our current system imposes us with. Read more about how it can help these systems here.

Energy energy industry and blockchain

Blockchain Is Modernizing Energy Sales


Energy sales are a heavily regulated market, with both local and large companies occupying the space. These big enterprises are in for a real shock: they’ll no longer be able to manipulate energy prices as heavily as they are currently. Of course, this isn’t right around the corner, but it’s coming! What’s going to drastically change the landscape of the energy market, you may ask? Blockchain technology. Read how here!

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