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The Team

Hey there internet! Thanks for checking out our site & videos. Here is who’s behind the Blockchain.WTF team.

Taylor Gerring

After graduating with a BSBA in MIS, Taylor deployed and managed a variety of systems for large enterprise environments before ultimately joining the blockchain industry in 2012. After working on the Hive cryptocurrency wallet, Taylor previously served on the Board of Directors for Ethereum Foundation and is currently an international speaker and educator, focusing on how blockchain can improve governance and society.




Jordan Xavier


Jordan has been an invested Blockchain Enthusiast since 2016, and he considers himself an Amateur Crypto Trader. The picture to the left is the only time Jordan has smiled in the past two years. He is an aggressive business man, with a passion for his work. We all love Jordan as our Blockchain WTF Office Manager.




Joe Onystok


Joe received a BA in Commercial Photography and a minor in marketing from Columbia College Chicago. He is a freelance photographer based in Chicago, IL. Over the years he’s worked with start up clothing lines, photographed models for a fashion segment, and produced market shots for their website. He also worked with Lettuce Entertain You Enterprise’s interior designer department. Joe is now with Blockchain WTF Production as head Photographer/Videographer for their content creation team.



Jeremy Cogan

JeremyJeremy graduated with a BS in Legal Studies and Policy Analysis. He has since worked in business development and as a consultant. The disruptive nature of the technology is his favorite part about it! Jeremy is mastermind between Blockchain WTF’s animated series, and he is also a contributor to our site’s content.




Sam Ledford

SamSam has been involved in the music and sound industry for thirteen years. For the past three or so years, he has worked with illustration and video editing. In his spare time, he makes his own music. Sam is now with Blockchain WTF fulfilling our video editing and sound work needs for our video series. 




Rachel Maib

Rachel graduated with a BS in Elementary Education in 2016. She’s followed the Ethereum project from the start, and through following this project, she has delved into blockchain technology. With a well-rounded understanding of the blockchain space, Rachel joined us first through writing an article, and then came on as an Editor and Media person for the website. Rachel has a passion for education, and she is now focusing that passion into blockchain education for all!




Join our Team!

Got a passion for blockchain and desire to apply your skills for money? We’re always looking for extra hands! If you’re interested in joining, don’t hesitate to contact us.