Web3 Awakening

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This is the third and final part of “Discovering A Decentralized Tomorrow.” Make sure to start with Part 1 – Homeward Bound On A Chicago Wednesday and Part 2 – “Trivia Night” before reading on.

Stella was an educated professional with an excellent sense of what was going on in the world. As such, she was aware of blockchain technology but didn’t know much about it, beyond its association with bitcoin.

When Paul began to explain how blockchain was being used to usher in a new age of the internet known as Web 3.0, Stella’s ears perked up.

The tech consultant referred to Web3 as an anti-monopoly, pro-privacy version of the net. He told her that with this version of the internet there would be no ownership of data or central point of control – Web3 was all about decentralization.

“Web3, will usher in an era where people take the net back from big corporations who misuse information and the seemingly endless number hackers looking to steal from us on a daily basis,” said Paul.

He told Stella about Brave – an open-source blockchain-powered web browser. A browser that was designed to block targeted adverting and website trackers – allowing for greater privacy while surfing the net.

Next, Paul introduced the aspiring lawyer to uPort – a decentralized platform created to help users take back control of their identity. He told her how, through the use of blockchain tech, uPort allows individuals to confirm who they are online, without revealing the kind of details corporations and identity thieves are looking for.

“You see, Brave and uPort are just a couple of examples of the many platforms that are helping the internet become a decentralized global system,” said Paul.

Stella responded with a nod and replied, “So when will Web 3.0 officially arrive?”

Paul grinned broadly, “Well, that’s up to us. It depends on how quickly we make these decentralized platforms a part of our everyday lives. Perhaps more importantly, we also need to spread the word and make sure folks know these items exist. For Web3, at least the way I described, to become a reality, we need as many people as possible on board.”

The two paused for a moment and almost in unison looked over at Derek who was passed out drunk with his head resting on the table.

Paul chuckled, “I’ll get him an Uber.”

“Yeah, I think it’s time to call it a night,” Stella replied.

On her way home that rainy Chicago evening, Stella thought about how her views regarding the state of the internet had changed so drastically over the course of a few short hours. She wasn’t entirely convinced that the web would evolve the way Paul described, but she was certainly going to do her part to try and make it so.

The internet she had longed for had not returned, but an improved, decentralized version could very well be on its way – which gave Stella hope. And, as philosopher Bernard Williams once said, “There was a never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.”

Building a new age of the Internet is a job for all of us. Want to help, but you’re not sure how?

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