Trivia Night

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Stella had moved to the city around 9 months ago and wanted to make a few friends outside of work. To make that happen, she decided to join a Wednesday night trivia group, in which she was randomly paired with 3 other people.

She had been with the same team for about 5 weeks now. Originally there were 4 members, but an accountant by the name of Tracy stopped showing up after the 1st week.

One of her teammates was a heavy set insurance adjuster by the name of Derek. Derek looked to be in his early-30s. He had slicked back hair and resembled a pudgy Ray Liotta

Whenever he saw Stella, he would great her by saying, “What up Stella Artois?” When he said it, he would roll the “r” in Artois, in a manner that made it especially cringe-worthy.

Of course, Stella Artois was a reference to the popular Belgian beer. Derek thought this joke was both witty and hilarious.

Derek was wrong on both counts.

The insurance adjuster was crude and had a tendency to drink too much during trivia night. It was very likely that the tasteless jokes Derek told during the teams 1st week together resulted in Tracy’s departure.

In truth, when they all switched teams in a couple of weeks, Stella was not going to miss Derek.

Her other teammate was a younger man named Paul. Paul was a skinny lad in his mid-20s who was some sort of technology consultant. He gave Stella a long-winded explanation of what his job entailed, but she still didn’t fully understand what he did.

Paul was about 5-foot-4 and probably weighed around 125 pounds with bricks in his pockets. He had curly blonde hair, a thick beard, and wore glasses that made him look like a sort of hipster professor.

Unlike Derek, Paul was a relatively quiet, thoughtful, and also happened to be a hell of a trivia player.

After roughly 2 hours, several $4 drafts, and around 50 questions about the British royal family – Stella, and company had come in 6th place in the trivia showdown – there were 12 teams total.  As per usual, the 3 decided to stay for a few minutes after and chat for a bit.

Derek, while sipping on his 7th beer, looked at Paul and said, “You’re kind of tech geek, right? What do you think of this bitcoin shit? Should I be buying it?”

Paul, who worked with blockchain technology, proceeded to explain in great detail the pros and cons of investing in bitcoin and cryptocurrency.  About halfway through the explanation, Derek’s eyes began to glaze over. When Paul mentioned something about “internet money” Stella immediately interjected, “I’m kind of over the internet! I mean, I know I have to use it, but more and more – I really wish I didn’t.”

Paul met her remarks with a curious glance and replied, “Oh, and why is that?”

Stella answered, “Almost every day at work, I hear stories about identity theft or some other gross invasion of privacy.  It’s like we don’t control our own personal information or who can access it. What makes things worse is that there’s nothing we can really do about it. It’s not like people can just, all the sudden, stop using the internet.”

Paul smiled, “Have you ever heard of Web 3.0?”

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