Let’s Talk Strategy: A Brief Look At Strategy Game dApps

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With classic titles like Warcraft, Age of Empires, and Civilization, the Strategy genre has made night owls out of more than a few gamers over the years.

One of the reasons strategy games have developed such loyal fan base is that they allow players to do things like lead massive armies, build their own societies, and relive history – some even allow folks to do all three.

Moreover, this genre appeals to players who are looking to do more than then simply shoot something or blow things up – though that can sometimes be part of the equation. The strategy game is designed for the thinking man (or woman), which may be why they have become increasingly popular in the crypto community.

Now that decentralized applications (dApps) have been introduced to the gaming landscape, a new generation of strategy titles have emerged. With that in mind, we are going to take a look at a few dApps that may be of interest to folks looking for a little more strategy in their lives.


Centuries after its collapse, the Roman Empire continues to fascinate the masses. The ancient civilization has also inspired video game studios to create titles like Rome: Total War and Ryse: Son of Rome.

More recently, the lands that were once ruled by men like Julius Caesar and Marcus Aurelius served as the muse for the popular Ethereum-based dApp known as CryptoRome.

In CryptoRome, players are given a plot of land and 150 troops to start their empire. The soldiers are used to attack (take over) territories. The person with the most men in a given territory, over a 3 hour period, claims the land.

A useful tip: Playing when fewer users are on (i.e. late at night) is a great way to win some property and get one’s empire off to a good start – since there won’t be as many people moving troops. Once a piece of land is taken, it belongs to the user until they decide to sell it for ETH.

The territories being contested are represented by cards. Once a user claims a card, if they aren’t t ready to sell, it can be used to purchase certain upgrades and/or more troops.

While pillaging the Roman countryside, players gain points, which can earn them titles like Blue Senator or even Caesar For A Day – these titles also come with certain special abilities.

Among CryptoRome’s many interesting features is the ability to make wine. Conquered lands can be used to grow grapes, which in turn, can be used to produce wine. Once a player has crafted the perfect bottle, they can sell their wine for ETH.

Perhaps the best thing about this new strategy dApp is that it’s simple enough for novice players – yet not so simple that it will alienate veteran gamers.


When one hears the word “pioneer” it may conjure images of one of the most iconic strategy games of all-time – Oregon Trail. However, the Ethereum-based dApp CryptoPioneers doesn’t evolve a treacherous journey from Independence, Missouri to Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

CryptoPioneers offers users a chance to own their very own private island…on the Ethereum blockchain at least.

The game takes place on Crytopeia – a planet that consists of six continents. Each continent is unique and made up of several small islands. There are a total of 200 islands in all – the maximum number that will ever be released. The properties were sold out via auction, so anyone looking to purchase real estate on Crytopeia must buy it from other pioneers.

Over time, landowners unlock regions on their islands which can be sold separately. As for compensation, the seller gets 50% the sale price, plus a 15% cut of whatever the new owner produces on their land.

It’s through managing an island’s production (and the resources found in it) that the strategy comes into play. As the CryptoPioneers official website explains, “All kinds of materials, resources, and rare artifacts are waiting to be found. Resources that you find can be used to construct buildings on your plots which are used to further refine resources and progress your civilization.”

CryptoPioneers allows users to earn some ETH while building their own blockchain-based version of paradise.


For those who might be looking for a game that’s a bit more modern and less utopian than the previous two dApps – there’s CryptoAssualt.

CryptoAssualt offers gamers the ability to purchase a variety of war machines like the Patriot Tank or Spartan Warmech (a giant robot) and claim valuable territory. Each unit has unique features and is also a tradable ERC-721 Token.

The game’s objective is to figure out the best way to use’s one’s units to capture territory in a massive 3D world. To do this, players must destroy enemy units and avoid being destroyed themselves. Fortunately, if a unit’s blown to bits, it goes back to players inventory and can be reused in a matter of hours.

Every unit owns the land in a designated area around it, so it’s possible to share ownership. Each day, players receive ETH based on the amount of land they claimed. The closer the land is to the center of the world, where there’s less space to avoid other units, the more ether the user receives.

Fighting for turf with war machines can be a fun way to earn a little crypto.

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