Collectable Creatures Beyond CryptoKitties

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Last year, the Ethereum-based dApp known as CryptoKitties burst onto the blockchain scene and quickly became a hit. CryptoKitties allows the user to buy, sell, and even breed their own digital cats.

While the concept may sound silly to some; plenty of folks have made good money trading these fictional felines. This past September, it was reported that a single CryptoKitty went for 600 ETH – worth approximately $170,000 (USD) at the time of sale.

CrytoKitties’ success has helped pave the way for the many collectible creatures that now inhabit the Ethereum blockchain. With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some decentralized applications that allow users to trade a variety of truly unique digital beings.

Axie Infinity:


Axies are fictional creatures that sort of resemble a giant puffer fish. On the Axie Infinity dApp, users can buy, sell, and breed their Axies – same as CrytoKitties.

However, unlike their kitty counterparts, these digital beasts can challenge each other to battles – allowing their owners to win a bit of ETH in the process.

At press time, there are around 11,400 Axies on the Ethereum blockchain; in total, they have participated in over 108,000 battles and counting.

The most expensive Axie ever sold went for 50 ETH – worth around $5,400 USD (at time of posting).



While they’re far from the cuddliest looking creatures available on the Ethereum blockchain – Pepes are certainly unique. In fact, according to the official website, “There are literally billions of possible CryptoPepes so no two will be the same.”

As appearance goes, Pepes look like frogs with human bodies. In truth, they have kind of an alien-like quality about them.

Like most collectible creature dApps, CrytoPepes offers the usual buying, selling, and breeding options. It’s really a lot like CryptoKitties – using frogmen in place of cats.

As far as value, at present, the asking price for the most expensive Pepe in on the market is around 28.7 ETH.

World Of Ether:

World of Ether

While most collectible creature dApps feature several different version of the same species, World Of Ether offers a wide array of monsters. Their official website encourages potential players to purchase eggs and “discover hundreds of new monsters.”

The main launch is expected to place on November 23rd. However, folks can still purchase eggs, which will hatch when the game officially goes live.

These eggs have been highly sought after. In fact, it’s been reported that almost $500,000 worth of eggs were sold within 48 hours of the presale release date (1/15/18).

If the pre-sale is any indicator, rare monsters could be worth good money when they finally hatch in late-2018.

Chibi Fighters:

Chibi Fighters

Chibi Fighters is dApp geared toward the casual gamer. In a nutshell, players own collectible warriors (cartoon knights and monsters) that fight to the death for ETH.

Players can equip their Chibi Fighters with better gear to give them an edge in combat. They can also sell the gear acquired in battles to earn extra crypto. The characters will sometimes come across collectible gems that can be swapped in the ether pool.

The fighter themselves are ERC721 tokens that can be traded at various exchanges.

Top fighters can expect to earn the equivalent of around $300 (USD) a month.

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