Decentralized Apps That Can Make Love Last

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When it comes to love, finding that special someone is rarely easy.

Sure, some folks meet their perfect match early on – maybe in high school or even college.

However, for many of us, finding Mr. or Mrs. Right can be a lifelong endeavor – or at least feel like it. This is why, those who do finally locate and eventually fall in love with their ideal mates, want it to last forever.

Traditionally, the way human beings have attempted to make love last is by getting married.

Large formal ceremonies, simply showing up together at the courthouse or declaring everlasting love in the presence of an Elvis impersonator are just a few of the ways people like to get hitched.

Now, thanks to blockchain tech, there are some new and interesting ways to tie the knot using decentralized applications (dApps).  As we are about to see, these unique dApps can help make love last a lifetime – or longer.


Weddings can be a lot of fun. However, they are often very expensive and take a great deal of time to organize. Those who don’t have the time, money, or interest in dealing with hassles associated with traditional weddings, may want to check out Forevermore.

Forevermore is an Ethereum-based decentralized application that allows users to put their wedding vows on, what they refer to as, a ‘marriage smart contract.’

As their official website explains,” Once written, the vows are replicated to every node on the Ethereum network, and are immutably committed to the blockchain. No one can edit or delete them.

The marriage ‘smart contract’ is like your wedding certificate. It’s forever, and unchangeable, its immutability secured by a global network of nodes. It’s also publicly viewable by friends and family, and verifiable by anyone.”

For those worried about missing out on weddings gifts, Forevermore has got you covered. The dApp allows family, friends, or any other interested party to place ether in your ‘marriage smart contract.’ The ether can later be claimed and placed in the wallet that was originally used to make the contract.

The application is free to use, though there is a small transaction fee required to store the contract on the Ethereum platform. Creating a marriage contract with the dApp costs about 0.015 ether, which, at press time, is roughly the equivalent of a single US dollar.

In other words, one can get married on the Ethereum blockchain for around a buck.

While these contracts may not be legally binding, they are still a fun way for couples to utilize blockchain tech to make their affections known.

Marriage Unblocked

Marriage Unblocked is dApp that is marketed toward members of the LGBT community.  Among their stated goals is to “make it possible for everyone to go down the aisle on blockchain.”

Much like Forevermore, this decentralized applications allows it’s users to store their vows on the Ethereum blockchain. In addition, Marriage Unblocked also provides digital marriage certificates.

The unions are symbolic and meant to show support for marriage equality.

To help move relationships forward, users can even send their own proposals using the service.

Here’s how it works:

“Simply click I do and then write down a vow to your loved one. It can be hard to put love into words, but just speak from your heart! You will after that get a link with the proposal and the vow to send to your partner. When they have clicked I do and written a vow back, you will get a confirmation. The promise is then sent through a transaction to be stored on the Ethereum blockchain forever. Out of reach for any state or religion.”

While Marriage Unblocked is geared toward the LGBT community, it’s opened to everyone, and even allows folks to marry more than one person – so polygamists can also join the party.

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