Crypto Key Stack Keeps Your Private Keys Safe

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Chris Gonyo, co-founder of Crypto Key Stack, was kind enough to stop by WTF headquarters for an interview and demonstration of his hardware wallet. We had previously met him and his co-founder NFL veteran Israel Idonije at Voice of Blockchain 2018. We talked with Chris about the importance of controlling your private keys and why engraving in metal is a more secure option than paper. We’ve said it before and will keep on saying it: you must control your own private keys to keep them safe! Crypto Key Stack makes this possible. It is an affordable, stainless steel, DIY cryptocurrency wallet backup device for storing mnemonic phrases and private wallet keys.

Learn more about Crypto Key Stack on their Website!

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0:10 Who are you and what is your role in the Blockchain community?

1:02 What led you to create this product?

1:54 What does Crypto Key Stack have to offer?

2:41 Why is Crypto Key Stack the best security option?

3:22 How do I know if a hardware device is right for me?

3:44 Why is it important to have control over your private keys?

4:28 Has there been any customer feedback? Feed back should be one word

5:22 What’s been one of the most difficult things about starting a crypto related business?

6:12 Crypto Key Stack Demonstration

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