Blockchain Applications Beyond Cryptocurrency

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New Kid on the Block Panel Discussion- Applications of Blockchain Tech Beyond Cryptocurrency

While everyone in the tech space has at least heard about blockchain technology at this point, many almost exclusively focus on the bitcoin and cryptocurrency aspect of it. However, blockchain is more than just cryptocurrency. Companies are using this technology today for contract enforcement, information validation, and property tracking.

This panel discussion features our very own Taylor Gerring and Robert K. Elder. Both of them are professionals in the blockchain space, and they are here to teach about the various applications of blockchain tech beyond cryptocurrency.

Taylor is the former Director of Technology at Ethereum and was a member of the original Ethereum founding team. Since then he has founded Blockchain WTF, a website dedicated to providing information about blockchain technology.

Robert is the President and Publisher at Blockchain News, a publication focusing on the most urgent blockchain industry developments of the day, delivering everything from granular tech pieces to expansive culture profiles that are important to industry leaders, investors and data analysts.

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