Fantasy Gamers Earn Crypto with dApps

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As time goes on, the number of blockchain uses cases continues to grow; decentralized applications (or dApps) are an excellent example. For those unfamiliar, dApps are applications that run on a decentralized network (a blockchain) – as to avoid single points of failure.

These relatively new kinds of applications continue to grow in popularity, and as a result, we have seen a variety of new and innovative dApps enter the space.

In truth, one can use these apps for just about anything – including earning a little extra cryptocurrency, by simply playing video games.

One genre that has become a big hit with those in the gaming community is fantasy. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a well-thought-out game featuring dragons, knights, and a bit of sorcery?

For those out there who are looking for some new ways to enjoy fantasy gaming, we have 5 dApps that will allow you to journey into new and exciting decentralized realms.

Not only are these games a lot of fun – they can also be an excellent way to earn a few altcoins on the side.


5. EOS Knights

EOS KnightsBilled as the first mobile game that runs on the EOS blockchain; EOS Knights is an RPG that has become all the rage.

At press time, this blockchain-based role-playing game has well over 5,000 users – making it the most popular dApp in the “games” category – according to “State Of The dApps.”

Three different characters can be purchased (using EOS cryptocurrency) which include Swordsman Eric, Archer Oria, and Wizard Scarlet. Gamers can also add pets (like dinosaurs) to help them on their quest.

The goal of the games is to utilize these characters to reach higher levels (called floors) while acquiring materials. These materials can be used to create items such as a bone ring, which can make a character more powerful.

Items like the bone ring can also be exchanged or purchased by other players using EOS cryptocurrency.  Certain items can be obtained by defeating a variety of monsters – including ferocious goblins.

As players reach higher floors, they can get a hold of better materials and even rare items – which can be quite valuable. In fact, it was reported that one player earned as much 460 EOS – which at press time is worth about $2,500 (USD) – by playing the game.

The game received a glowing review from EOSmastering, a blogger for the website Trybe, who proclaimed, “The FIRST ever easy accessible addictive game on blockchain just happened. Congratulations to the developers. This is the beginning of what will eventually change the gaming industry and therefore the world forever.”


4. Gods Unchained

Gods UnchainedGods Unchained is a Tradable Card Game (TCG) – similar to Magic: The Gathering. Powered by the Ethereum blockchain; this new dApp was financially backed by Coinbase –  one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. It was also created by Fuel Games – the folks behind another popular decentralized app, EtherBots.

According to David Lee of Cryptoslate, Gods Unchained “is unique in that it utilizes a hybrid on-chain and off-chain system. While the buying and selling of cards are recorded on the immutable blockchain, the gameplay exists off-chain to allow seamless gameplay and reduce congestion on the Ethereum network.”

This new TCG hasn’t officially gone live yet, though the pre-sale is underway – so folks can still start getting their decks ready by purchasing packs on the official website. The cards feature various gods, spells, and other advantages that can be utilized while playing.

These packs can even include the ultra-rare (and extremely valuable) Mythical cards. There are only 4 Mythical cards created a year – thus making them highly sought after.  To get an idea just how “sought after” these hard to find cards really are, the “Hyperion” Mythical card sold for around $60,000 (USD).

10% of the proceeds from every pack will go into a pool for a Gods Unchained tournament, which is expected to start in early-2019. According to the game’s official site, the tournament champion could walk away with as much as $1.6 million (USD).


3. Dragon King

Dragon KingPowered by the Ethereum blockchain, Dragon King is a strategy game that allows players to acquire ether and have a good time doing it.

The goal of the game is to survive volcanic eruptions and attacking knights long enough to be named Dragon King.  You can also earn ETH by playing as a knight, but the ultimate goal, survival, remains the same. The longer a character avoids death, the more valuable they become. Each day the value (in ETH) of all the dragons and knights killed is distributed among the survivors.

Since the game was developed by the folks behind the NEVERDIE cryptocurrency, NEVERDIE can be spent to help increase a characters chance of survival.

As the game’s developer explains, “Your Strategy will be the key factor in your success and ability to accumulate Eth. By keeping an eye on the battlefield and the value of the Knights and Dragons in the game, you will be able to best determine how to spread your Eth among a Variety of Dragon maturities to gain the greatest benefit as other Dragons are killed. The Higher the maturity of your Dragon the larger percentage of the dispersed Ethereum you will receive. However, the higher Maturity Dragons will require a greater number of NEVERDIE Coins to protect them.”

Players can cash out their dragons or knights at any time and claim their value in ether.


2. Ether Quest

Ether QuestAs fantasy games go, Ether Quest is about as straightforward as it gets.

To start out, players must purchase their own Ether Quest warrior on the platform or from other players at the game’s marketplace.

Once a warrior is purchased, there are several ways they can be used to earn ETH.  Defeating an opponent in single combat, enlisting in a tournament, and even selling experienced fighters on the marketplace are all viable ways to earn some crypto.

Players, or warlords as they are referred to in the world of Ether Quest, can also summon additional warriors to join their army. The summoning process is similar to cryptocurrency mining. The earlier one begins playing Ether Quest, the better chance they have of obtaining a “Unique warrior,” the most valuable kind in the game.

As Cointelegraph puts it, “Ether Quest offers you an open blockchain-based investment platform, while, at the same time, providing an intense, dynamic and ultimately fun gaming experience.”


1. HyperDragons

Hyper DragonsAmong the many exciting games on the Ethereum blockchain is the strategy-based HyperDragons.

This popular decentralized app allows players to do things like battle dragons and construct their very own kingdoms.

HyperDragons features a marketplace, where folks can buy and sell their dragons using ether. These dragons can also be used to sire their own babies, which, as bad as it sounds, can ultimately be sold at the market.

However, for folks who aren’t interested in pawning off their dragon children, there are other ways to earn ETH.  Winning a tournament in the HyperDragon arena offers another opportunity to earn – though it does cost ETH to enter. In the words of the official HyperDaragons website, “With different attributes, every single dragon has a unique personality! Different characteristics have different effects in “Arena” battles.”

Best of all, since it’s a dragon-themed dApp, there shouldn’t be any SCALE-ing issues.