The Very Best of WhalePanda

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Upon hearing the name WhalePanda, one might reasonably imagine a creature that looks something like a cross between Shamu and Kung Fu Panda. However, in this instance, WhalePanda is referring to Belgian crypto investor, blogger, and YouTube host who has made quite a name for himself in the Bitcoin community.

Though he’s given several interviews and has over 205,000 Twitter followers –little is known about the man behind the colorful pseudonym –which was initially created as a joke. However, we do know that WhalePanada is a male, human that knows a great deal about digital currency and the technology behind it. The Panda is also a member of the Magical Crypto Friends – a group that hosts a monthly YouTube show covering a variety of digital currency-related topics.

Moreover, the Belgian crypto celeb has posted some insightful, witty, and often downright hilarious statements on outlets such as Twitter and Medium. With that in mind, it’s time to take a look at some of WhalePanda’s most memorable quotes to date.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions quoted in this article are those of WhalePanda and do not necessarily reflect the view of Blockchain WTF or any of its affiliates.

SegWit2x hard fork:  

As many of his followers are aware, WhalePanda was an outspoken critic of the proposed SegWit2x hard fork.  In a Medium article published on November 6, 2017, he wrote the following;

“I do expect some things to still change between the time that this article is posted and the actual fork date. I expect some more companies to back out, Bitso, for example, realized that there is no community behind 2X and that it’s not an “upgrade” but rather a split.”

WhalePanda was on point in this instance. A few days later, it was announced that the fork was canceled – due to lack of community support.


Millionaires In T-Shirts:

Despite the fact that some early crypto investors are now multi-millionaires, many still prefer simple t-shirts as opposed to stuffy business attire. The causal threads prompted, what ended up being one of WhalePanda’s favorite comments from the Consensus 2017 event. He shared this quote in a tweet back on May 25, 2017:

“The funniest quote of #consensus2017 by @brucefenton: “I overheard some bankers talking: ‘All those guys in t-shirts are millionaires now‘”

For those wondering, Bruce Fenton (@brucefenton) is a Bitcoin Foundation board member.


On Being Called A Troll:

WhalePanda is no stranger to making controversial statements regarding subjects like Ethereum and Roger Ver. This has led some to label the Magical Crypto Friend a troll. In this context, the word troll isn’t referring to a mythical cave-dwelling creature, but rather a person who makes deliberately offensive or provocative online posts. Back in October of 2017, WhlePanda took to Medium to respond to these trolling allegations. Below is a caption from the article:

“Maybe the people calling me a troll are trolling me (trying to get a reaction out of me), I think it actually has more to do with knowing they are wrong and just crying troll.

What I personally actually try to do in conversations on Twitter or on chats is use my wit to both make people laugh and make people think. I’ve noticed it’s the most effective way to try to educate people have them think about certain situations and statements.”

Considering he has over 200,000 Twitter followers, it’s fair to say they’re a lot of folks who appreciate his approach.


Bitcoin Price Movement:

Recently, WhalePanda decided to sound off on journalists covering Bitcoin price movement. He also provided a very basic lesson in economics.

“Dear journalists, next time you write about the Bitcoin price and try to explain the price movement: The price goes down because there is more selling than buying… and the price goes up when there’s more buying than selling. That’s it. Stop trying to look for an explanation.”

Sometimes it’s just that simple.


Magical Crypto Friends:

WhalePanada is known for being one of the hosts of Magical Crypto Friends – a YouTube show for Bitcoiners.  In a recent interview with, Panda announced that their plans to do a fully animated episode.

“Samson is working on that for the past last three or four months. He’s kind of a perfectionist, so he had Charlie redo his audio like five times. The idea is that we’re all speaking for our own characters.”

For those who aren’t familiar with the show, WhalePanda is represented by an animated panda bear. Moreover, those who haven’t seen Magical Crypto Friends, be warned, the theme song, “Magical Cryptoland,” can get stuck in one’s head for days.

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