Keep your Keys safe with Chris Gonyo and Izzy Idonije

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Key Crypto StackEver since we’ve started making videos about cryptocurrency wallets, we’ve preached one consistent message: CONTROL YOUR OWN PRIVATE KEYS AND KEEP THEM SAFE.

Crypto Key Stack makes this possible. It is an affordable, stainless steel, DIY cryptocurrency wallet backup device for storing mnemonic phrases and private wallet keys.

At The Voice of Blockchain 2018, founders Chris Gonyo and Israel Idonije give a rundown on the benefits of their device and even demonstrate the surprisingly easy engraving process. We ask about the inspiration for the device, and how Cofounder and former Chicago Bears player Israel Idonije went from sacking quarterbacks to securing cryptocurrency.

These engraved metal plates are virtually indestructible. It can withstand a temperature of 2200 Degrees Fahrenheit, twice the temperature of a typical house fire. The plates are waterproof (and rustproof!), making it a significantly better option than writing your keys on normal paper. An electric engraver is included with each stack purchase, allowing you to never hand over your private keys to anyone else.

Voice of Blockchain took place on August 24th and 25th. Crypto enthusiasts from all across Chicago and the world gathered at Navy Pier to discuss blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The Chicago Blockchain Project brought together Leaders, Voices, and Builders of all kinds for exhibits, speakers and more.

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