Blockchain Trends: Government, Healthcare & Insurance

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This panel from the 2nd International Blockchain Congress gathers to discuss the potential impact that blockchain technology will offer to government, healthcare, and insurance providers.

The 2nd International Blockchain Congress event took place on August 17, 2018 at the state-of-the-art AON Center conference facility in the heart of Chicago. Leaders in law, business, and government all attended in order to gain a better understanding of how blockchain could affect their respective industries.


Colleen Sullivan – CEO of CMT Digital

Panel Members:

Eric Vasquez – CTO at City of Chicago

Mike Wons – Former CTO at City of Chicago

Evan Luthra – Founder of Crypto Investment Bank Almora

Xiaochen Zhang – Founder of Blockchain Frontier Group

Sean O’Kelly – CIO at State of Illinois Dima Elissa, Founder of Symptomatic

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