Moving the Chain Spotlight #50: Tone Vays

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Not to be confused with 90s rap icon Tone Loc, Tone Vays is someone who has been involved in the crypto ecosystem since early 2013. And while he may not be the man who produced “Funky Cold Medina,” Vays has released several entertaining crypto-related videos on his YouTube channel, Liberty Life Trail.  The early crypto adopter has also been featured in multiple documentaries such as Bitcoin – Beyond the Bubble and Magic Money.

However, Vays is more than just another crypto celeb with a YouTube channel. He is also the man behind the popular CryptoScam Podcast.

Moreover, the Bitcoin enthusiast has a Masters Degree in Financial Engineering from FSU and spent roughly ten years working on Wall Street – giving him some solid credentials. When he isn’t creating content, the Florida State alum is working as a derivatives trader and independent consultant.

As an individual who’s done more than his share to spread the word about bitcoin and blockchain tech; Tone Vays is helping “Move the Chain” in a variety of different ways.


It was in early 2013 when I finally went out looking for my first bitcoins. There was no one single catalyst, but I’d say it was a combination of looking to hedge fiat currency risk with events like the Cyprus Banking shutdown, wanting to place a few unregulated bets on football games and just wanting to play around with what may be the future of financial transactions.”

Fun Facts

From 2007 to 2010, Tone Vays served as Vice President and Financial Systems Analyst for J.P. Morgan – the largest bank in the United States by total assets.

Moving the Chain is an ongoing series from Blockchain WTF that shines a spotlight on folks who are making an impact in the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency