Crypto Merch Madness: The 10 Most Hilarious Cryptocurrency Products Ever Created

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In a way, digital currencies are a lot like professional sports teams – everyone was their favorite.  Of course, one of the most popular ways for an individual to show support for their crypto token of choice is buying merch associated with it.

However, for hardcore crypto fans, a simple shirt with a Bitcoin logo just isn’t enough these days. Fortunately, Blockchain WTF has you covered. We’ve tirelessly searched the internet and discovered ten hilarious products; suitable for the most die-hard crypto maniacs.

10. The Spiked Gold Bitcoin Cosplay Cyber Respirator Mask

bitcoin gasmask


Tired of having to reintroduce yourself at every crypto meet up because you aren’t making an impression? Arrive in this “Spiked Gold Bitcoin Cosplay Cyber Respirator Mask” and rest assured that no one will forget your name – ever again.

Moreover, for Goth Cyberpunks who love Bitcoin, this item is a must-have!

According to the product description, “This cool black and gold glossy plastic mask features gold spikes on the nosepiece, corrugated tubes and the adjustable elastic strap ensures a comfortable fit.”

The model shown here can be purchased for $36.


9. The Bitcoin Condom

bitcoin condom


It would appear that Bitcoin is trying to penetrate into more than just the retail marketplace. Now the world’s first digital currency can protect both your privacy and your privates.

As puts it, “for the consummate investor who knows a good thing when he sees it, there are the new Bitcoin condoms. Available in 2 varieties and ready to inflate in size at any given moment. Don’t keep these in your Bitcoin wallet as they may be damaged from the heat.”

These condoms are FDA approved and have a five years shelf life – for those going through a bit of a rough patch.

A single Bitcoin condom costs $5.95. Folks looking to buy in bulk can purchase a 12 pack for around $15.95.

8. The Satoshi Bobblehead

Satoshi Bobblehead

Via: Pinterest

This bobblehead is representing Satoshi Nakamoto – the mysterious individual who created Bitcoin.

The bobblehead kind of resembles Captain Jack Sparrow in 3D glasses, but since no one knows what Nakamoto looks like, it could be more accurate then we know.

Unfortunately, those looking to add Satoshi to their bobblehead collection will have to explore the secondary market, as Amazon is currently out of stock.




dogecoin dog shirt

7. The Dogecoin Dog Shirt

Via: Café Press

When it comes to owning unique crypto merch, even our 4-legged friend can get it on the action.

Sometimes finding the perfect outfit for your canine can be “ruff.” Fear not friends; Dogecoin has you covered. This stylish number will help let the world know that your dog is down with the Dodge.

For just $19.99, your pet can be as dapper as the one shown here.




6. Vitalik Is My Homeboy

Vitalik is my homeboy


Ether fans will likely appreciate this fun take on “The Jesus is my Homeboy” phenomenon.

The shirt features Etereum creator Vitalik Buterin, “printed on Next Level Vintage Heather White Tri-Blend.”

For $26, Vitalik can your “Homeboy” too!




5. PotCoin Unite T-shirt

Pot coin unite


When it comes to brokering peace in the world, few can do it with as much style and grace as NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman.

In 2017, PotCoin, a digital currency used to purchase marijuana legally, sponsored the rebound king’s trip to visit North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.  Rodman’s mission was to improve relations between Jong-un and U.S. President Donald Trump.

Those looking to commemorate the NBA champ’s efforts will likely be thrilled to add this item to their wardrobe.

For $20-$25 PotCoin fans can own the same shirt that Rodman himself once wore.


4. Fueled By Ethereum Women’s Boyshorts


Via: Pinterest

Anyone who says that digital currency isn’t sexy clearly hasn’t seen these ladies “Fueled with Ethereum” boyshorts.

According to Zazzle, the company who created this little number, “Each pair has a low waist with an amazing stretch that makes this a fun undergarment, or a risqué outer-garment.”

Ladies who are looking to take their crypto-loving significant other’s breath away may have found the perfect item to do it with.

Each pair costs $21.95.



3. Litecoin Ugly Christmas Sweater


Via: Real Ugly Christmas Sweaters

These days, it’s nearly impossible to make through the holiday season without having to attend an ugly Christmas sweater party.  This Litecoin themed top could be the perfect piece for these popular gatherings.

While this garment may be “Lite” on beauty, it will inject a heavy dose of crypto enthusiasm into any holiday get-together.

This particular top can be purchased for $57.99.



2. Bitcoin Cat Swim Trunks


Via: Pinterest

Whether you are at the beach, a pool party, or just walking around town, these swim trunks won’t go unnoticed.

One might even say there puuuurfect for any occasion.

Believe it or not, these snazzy trunks can be purchased for around $40-$70 – if you can find a pair.




1.Potcoin Dinner Apron


Via: Customon

While it may not be the ideal garment for a family cookout, there are still plenty of crypto-loving grill masters who will appreciate this Potcoin apron. The guy in the photo sure seems to like it.

This apron even comes with an adjustable neck strap for comfort.

At $27.54, this item would be an excellent gift for either the 4th of July or the 20th of April.