Celebrities in Crypto

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3 Celebrity Endorsements That Worked Out and 3 That Didn’t

Many in the crypto community often talk about wanting to make digital currency go mainstream. However, even many of those folks aren’t thrilled when a celebrity makes crypto headlines.

Being that the entire crypto movement is very much a counterculture experiment, it’s no surprise that many involved couldn’t help but roll their eyes when they hear Kim Kardashian endorsed bitcoin.

It’s kind of like when a person supports a musician before their big break, maybe even gets picked on for doing so, then that same musician winds up on MTV – now everyone loves them. This is likely the sort of frustration some early crypto adopters feel when celebs jump on the bandwagon.

That being said, as digital currency continues to inch ever closer to becoming mainstream, there will likely only be more famous folks looking to get involved. While this will probably make some in the space want to pull their hair out, they can take some solace in the fact that certain stars have actually generated positive publicity for cryptocurrency. Of course, there are also plenty of examples when celebs may have gotten involved for the wrong reasons or have mistakenly backed a controversial token.

To help provide a clearer picture of the influence celebrities have had in the crypto world, here are some examples of stars that have had both positive and negative impacts.


#6 – Rory MacDonald

Canada’s Rory MacDonald is mixed martial artist who currently holds the Bellator Welterweight World Championship. He has also previously fought in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

When it comes to certain celebs in the crypto space, in many cases, their interest doesn’t extend beyond whatever product or token they are promoting. However, MacDonald has demonstrated a genuine fascination with crypto and the technology behind it. In fact, he tweets almost as much about digital currency as he does fighting.

He is spoken at length about his love for altcoins on shows like the MMA Hour with Aerial Helwani and even went so far as to tweet “I’m invested in the cryptocurrency world” (pun intended).

The brawler out of British Columbia is an avid Bitcoin Cash and Dash supporter – who even signed a sponsorship deal with the latter.

MacDonald has successfully used his platform to generate publicity for digital currency and help introduce it to fight fans around the world.


#5 – Paris Hilton

Even the original celebutante Paris Hilton caught crypto fever in 2017 – though it soon subsided.

As was chronicled in our “Moving the Chain” series, Hilton endorsed LydianCoin – an altcoin that was supposed to be used to purchase marketing and advertising services.

However, several months later,  Lydian Coin’s CEO ran into some legal issues, which caused the heiress to distance herself from the company.

This is an obvious example of a celeb-crypto collaboration that didn’t work out or help legitimize digital currency in any way.


#4 – James Rodriguez

For those of us living in the United States, it’s easy to forget that soccer is the world’s most popular sport. Those who want crypto to go mainstream should be happy to learn that some of the biggest names in the game have their very own cryptocurrencies.

One player who has endorsed their own altcoin is a Colombian-born midfielder by the name of  James Rodriguez. A member of the Columbian national team; the 27-year-old is considered one of the greatest players of his generation.

Last June, a company called Selfsell launched the JR10 token – a digital currency both named for an endorsed by Rodriguez. During its presale, the JR10 tokens released, sold out in just 12 seconds.

This new altcoin will allow the midfielder’s fans to purchase things like game tickets and exclusive merchandise.

As was previously eluded to, Rodriguez isn’t the only soccer standout with his own altcoin. Legends like Brazil’s Ronaldinho and Englishman Michael Owen also have their own digital currencies.

While it may or may not have been their intent, these players have helped cryptocurrency gain global exposure.


#3 – DJ Khaled

Record producer and rapper DJ Khaled is known for hit songs like “We Takin’ Over” and “I’m So Hood.” While he’s had a ton of success in the music industry, he hasn’t been so fortunate when it comes to endorsing crypto-related products thus far.

In 2017, the hitmaker took to Instagram to show his support for the Centra Card, which was supposed to be a digital currency debit card that could convert crypto to fiat currencies. The ICO surrounding the Centra Card claimed it was being powered by big named companies like Visa and Mastercard.

However, the SEC would later confirm that neither company was involved. As a result, the top-selling recording artist would later remove his Instagram post.

The SEC would later charge Centra with fraud.


#2 – Katy Perry

Pop singer Katy Perry has been a hit machine over the past several years. “Hot n Cold,” “Teenage Dream,” and “Roar” are just a few of the chart-topping singles Perry has produced.

The vocalist also appears to have an interest in cryptocurrency.

Last January, the vocalist added a post on Instagram with the caption “Crypto Claws.” The post featured Perry’s fingernails with the logos for several popular digital currencies on them. As endorsements go, it’s fair to say; she really nailed it.

She would later follow up her artistic endorsement, with another social media post that showed her seated next to investment guru Warren Buffett; asking him about cryptocurrency.

Each of her posts received well over 200,000 likes from some her fanbase, which consists of over 70.8 million followers on Instagram alone.

It really doesn’t get much more mainstream then Katy Perry, whose social media exploits always get a ton of attention.

Based on her sheer number of followers, her seemingly unsolicited crypto endorsement most certainly introduced several folks to digital currency for the first time.


#1 – Steven Seagal

Action film star Steven Seagal is known for being featured in such movies as “Marked for Death” and “Under Siege.” The versatile entertainer even has his own music albums – “Songs from the Crystal Cave” and “Mojo Priest.”

Seagal was named brand ambassador for a cryptocurrency known as Bitcoiin2Gen. Unfortunately, for the actor, the Bitcoiniin2Gen project was considered by many crypto insiders to be part of a pyramid scheme.

Furthermore, according to Cointelegraph blogger Gareth Jenkinson, “the Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance (TDCI) Securities Division issued a warning to consumers about the nature of the project — which was deemed to be offering unregistered securities.”

After the warning was issued, Segal resigned as brand ambassador and parted way with the company behind Bitcoiin2Gen.

Steven Seagal’s may have picked the wrong altcoin to get behind, but at least he still has his job as Russia’s Special Envoy to the United States to fall back on.