Moving the Chain Spotlight #46: Susan Poole

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Given the fact that blockchain is a relatively new technology, the amount that Susan Poole has already accomplished in the space is impressive, to say the least.  Poole was working in the tech industry when she was bitten by the “bitcoin bug” back in 2014 – and has never looked back. Since becoming fully immersed in the world of blockchain technology and digital currency, she has received both training and mentoring from some of the industry’s leading experts and engineers.

At present, Poole serves as the co-chair of the European Union’s (EU)  Blockchain Observatory and Forum. As co-chair, Poole shares her expertise and real-world experience with EU members, while also working to promote innovation.

She is also an entrepreneur who founded her company BlockBridge Advisory in the summer of 2016.  At BlockBridge, she acts as an advisor to Blockchain startups – helping them launch into enterprise markets such as Blockchain Identity and Blockchain for Healthcare.

Her resume also includes being a columnist for ICO Masterminds and the chairman of Blockchain 360 – a group responsible for organizing a series of Blockchain IoT (Internet of Things) events.  In fact, Core Magazine even named Poole one of the top 10 women in crypto.

By helping businesses and even nations better understand blockchain tech, Susan Poole is defiantly doing her part to “move the chain.”


“I’ve had the good fortune of speaking and moderating at blockchain events at Stanford, Silicon Valley, Boston, New York, Chicago, DC and more, encompassing themes such as identity, IoT, Fintech and more. You will find me constantly asking people if they know of blockchain or bitcoin wherever I go.”

Fun Fact

Prior to catching blockchain fever, Poole worked for some of the top tech companies in the game. Nokia, Hewlett-Packard, and even Microsoft are among the list of her previous employers.


Moving the Chain is an ongoing series from Blockchain WTF that shines a spotlight on folks who are making an impact in the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency