Civic – Take Control of Your Digital Identity

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Civic is attempting to give businesses & individuals the tools to control and protect their digital identities. ID cards were a great way to represent physical identity. However, we have shifted to a digital world, complicating proof of identity. Civic’s Secure Identity Platform bridges the gap between the physical and digital storage of your private information.

As a user you can download the app now. Putting this information on a blockchain provides security for the user. It can’t be less safe than being on an Equifax Server. Yeah, the same ones that were hacked, compromising the personal data of millions of Americans.

With Civic, you alone have the private keys to access your information. A third-party wallet generates the keys, providing a firewall between Civic and users’ keys. Identity data is fully encrypted in the app on the user’s device and can be accessed with biometrics. A fingerprint will be able to identify you as the true owner of the data to any company, government, or organization that is partners with Civic.

At Consensus 2018, they got to display their proof of concept via a beer vending machine sponsored by Budweiser. The machine used Civic’s software in order to prove that the purchaser of the delicious frosty beverage was of legal drinking age. That’s right! A smart contract that can actually sell beer.

A cool feature is that a Civic business partner can send you a QR Code with all the information connected to a service requiring identity verification.

Imagine arriving at the airport and all they have to do is watch you scan your fingerprint, and then they scan the QR code to know the ticket is in fact yours!

They are not the only company trying to solve this sovereign identity problem. Governments and institutions all over the world are working on this same problem. Civic is helping along these organization, as evidenced by their participation in the World Food Program instituted by the UN. They are helping feed refugees by establishing a digital identity for them.

Furthermore, Civic recently celebrated its first birthday. It was a significant first year for them, as they completed a successful token sale and bought, which will host their reputation platform.

There are still a lot of plans on the horizon for Civic. Their road map includes several steps to support the network, ultimately trending towards complete decentralization.

If you would like to know more about how Civic specifically aims to solve this problem, check out their website.

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