Crypto Moms: This Is Your Mama’s Cryptocurrency Site 

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At present, it’s estimated that roughly 90% of those involved in the digital currency industry are men. However, due to the efforts of folks like Marilyn DeLucenay, a growing number of women have begun to take an interest in cryptocurrency and the technology behind it.

Crypto Moms' logo

Crypto Moms’ logo

DeLucenay is the founder of a website known as Crypto Moms, which is dedicated to helping women (particularly moms) learn about digital currency and become more involved in the crypto community. The site originally launched back in 2014 and is still going strong – roughly 4 years later.

What Crypto Moms offers

Crytpo Moms mission statement includes,

“creating a culture of mutual respect for women with genuine efforts to help them acquire the basic knowledge about digital currency along with many earning opportunities.”

The site offers some great information for those who are just beginning their crypto journey. They also cover more advanced topics in their “Our Blog” section. Crypto Moms tackles subjects like understanding faucets, converting your coins into cash, and how to protect your coins.

While Crypto Moms offers plenty of good info, the forum section, in particular, is also a great place for women to share information and discuss topics related to cryptocurrency. The forum features posts from members on a wide array of topics. Introducing one’s self to the community, participating in in-depth discussions on bitcoin, or even talking about DNotes are just a few of things members can do while visiting this portion of the site.

As Mel Magazine writer Hussein Kesvani explains,

“A cursory look at its forum immediately distinguishes it from other cryptocurrency groups, which tend to focus on the minutiae of crypto trading and rants about the true meaning of libertarianism. On Crypto Mom$, however, the leading conversation is about maximizing the composition of cryptocurrency investment savings plans: specialist savings arrangements, consisting of DNotes, a currency which, according to its inventor Alan Yong, is “for everyone, irrespective of financial standing — from the poor to the super rich; from the unborn to the most senior. It must deliberately attempt to include and assist women to help close the gender gap.”

Evidence would suggest that Crypto Moms’ mission is resonating with the public, as the sites online community has increased by 25% recently. They are also gaining traction on social media and closing in on 7,000 Twitter followers.  Moreover, founder Marilyn DeLucenay was recently featured on the YouTube series Nightly Business Reports (NBR).

For those who would like to get involved or learn more about the Crypto Moms mission, be sure and head over to