The Let’s Talk Bitcoin Podcast – 5 Years Later!

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In 2013, the Let’s Talk Bitcoin Podcast (LTB) was launched.

They quickly became a premiere podcast in the Bitcoin space. The Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast has found great success, leading them to launch their very own tokenized podcasting platform.

Additionally, LTB is the longest running English-language podcast!

Their 5th Anniversary event – The Internet of Money 5 Years Later

On April 25, 2018 some of the leading Bitcoin minds got together in Chicago, Illinois to celebrate the Let’s Talk Bitcoin 5th Year Anniversary. (Check out some photos and read more about the event itself here.)

Let’s Talk Bitcoin & others reflecting on the growth of crypto

Let's Talk Bitcoin Podcast 5th Anniversary - The Internet of MoneyIn this video, the Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast crew reflects on the growth of cryptocurrency. Hosts Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Adam B. Levine, Dr. Stephanie Murphy, and Jonathan Mohan explore bitcoins meteoric rise. As well as, the advance of blochains and their protocols, and going from early adoption towards the mainstream.

Lots has changed since the start of the Let’s Talk Bitcoin Podcast, check out the video to catch up on the last five years!

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