Moving the Chain Spotlight #36: MK Lords

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Moving the Chain is an ongoing series from Blockchain WTF that shines a spotlight on folks who are making an impact in the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency


Meghan Kellison-Lords (aka MK Lords) is a writer, poet, and freelancing jack-of-all-trades who has been involved in the crypto community for several years now.

Since Lords is a poet, we went ahead and gave her a rhyming profile!

Lords hails from Pensacola in The Sunshine State.

She became a political activist in 2008.

Then decided the process wasn’t all that great.

From there she found bitcoin and thought it 1st rate.

It was then time to write for Bitcoin Not Bombs.

Preaching financial freedom for all –even our moms.

There’s a future in crypto, Lords defiantly saw it.

She became a Community Manager for Airbitz – a bitcoin wallet.

YouTube’s a placed she also explored.

With her show Crypto Convos that many adored.

Her bitcoin-based work has not been in vain.

As our friend MK Lords has helped “Move the Chain.”


My interest in precious metals came out of an appreciation of sound money and the principles that go along with that. I realized cryptocurrencies made the philosophic voluntary society a practical possibility and encouraged healthy competition among currencies that we desperately need. I also view them as a way for the millennial generation to find financial freedom.”

Fun Fact

During her college days, MK Lords served as President of the Philosophy Club.

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