Dash: Blockchain Token – What is it?

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Originally known as Dark Cash, DASH has come a long way from its somewhat shady origins.

After some time trying to find its path, Dash currently has its eyes set on becoming an every day payment solution. A solution so easy that your grandparents can use it, all while still remaining anonymous.

Part of the goal of their micro-transaction system that will allow easy day-to-day payment solutions is their InstantX network which has quick confirmation times.

The team has been very transparent and aggressive in their approach, releasing several videos to help garner awareness for the cryptocurrency.

How Dash works

Their unique governance model is self-sustaining and rewards those supervising (and running) the network. It is a decentralized governance system in which the protocol maintain these rewards.

Furthermore, the organization has a mining system that allows it to fund itself through these protocols. Then these funds are redistributed to fund Dash-based projects approved by the master node holders.

The platform works with a unique model that resembles both Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Work. Several large stakeholders (x dash) can become “master nodes,” which acts as validators checking the legitimacy of each transaction. Master node holders are given a portion of each block reward.

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