Tyler Blevins: The Bitcoin Ninja!

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When a one hears the word “Ninja,” assassins with black masks and swords may be the first thing that comes to mind. Or at least it used to be… However, thanks to the popular gamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, things have changed.

These days, “Ninja” is commonly refers to a 26-year-old out of Grayslake, Illinois, who at press time, is the most popular video game personality on Twitch – with over 7 million followers. On average, the internet sensation receives over 103,000 views per Twitch stream. He also has over 12 million YouTube subscribers.

How Tyler Blevins started

When looking back on his childhood, Blevins recalled,

“It was one of those things where if I was doing well in school, putting in the time and effort there, and soccer as well, that I would be rewarded to play as many games as I want.”

Blevins journey to internet stardom started back in 2009 when he began playing the video game Halo 3 professionally. In the early days, “Ninja,” was a member of various eSports (video game) teams and competed in tournaments. He also worked a regular job at Noodles & Company – a restaurant chain that specializes in noodle-based dishes.

However, his online fan base started to grow substantially, when he began streaming a game called Fortnite: Battle Royal on Twitch. Fornite: Battle Royal is a game that involves players being dropped on an island and then trying to kill each other with various weapons –until only one player remains. It’s one of the internet’s most popular games at the moment. Streaming Fornite helped Blevins go from having roughly 500,000 Twitch followers in September of 2017 to the over 7 million he has today.

Making money off of games

Nowadays, Blevins no longer works at Noodles & Company. With the money he makes from subscribers and donations, the man they call Ninja brings in around $500,000 a month, playing video games in his bedroom.

When asked how he manages to bring in so much cash, Blevins told CNBC,

“I think that I offer a combination of high-tier gameplay that they really can’t get with a lot of other content creators. It’s very difficult to be one of the very best at a video game,” Blevins said. “I’m very goofy; if you ever watched any of my streams or YouTube videos, I do impressions and stuff like that all the time and just crazy shenanigans. I think the combination of that [game skill and entertainment] is really fun to watch.”

Why he’s the BITCOIN Ninja

bitcoinInterestingly enough, some of the currency he brings with his online “shenanigans” is of the crypto variety. That’s right; the world’s most popular twitch personality accepts cryptocurrency –specifically bitcoin.

In fact, a YouTube video which was published last April showed Blevins enthusiastically accepting $2,500 worth of bitcoin from a generous donor.

The video, which was called “Ninja Got Bitcoin Donation Worth $2,500,” received over 869,000 views. It sparked a lively discussion about the popular cryptocurrency in the comment section.

By accepting bitcoin, the Twitch superstar and gaming icon has helped further legitimize the top crypto token. Plus, introducing it to video game enthusiasts the world over. Thus making Tyler Blevins the world’s first Bitcoin Ninja.