Introducing the Blockchain Institute of Chicago & GirlCon

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Education is a critical factor in involvement and bettering one’s self. We are glad to say the Chicago community is premier in achieving this for blockchain technology and crypto. Learn more about the blockchain institute.

From educational sites to meetups, incredible conferences, and interactive training sessions, Chicago has so much to offer for those wanting to learn about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. And don’t forget the passionate and welcoming community in the space as well.

Girlcon 2018

The Blockchain Institute of Chicago and Girlcon 2018On Saturday, June 16th, 2018, Girlcon was held at Northwestern University in Chicago, IL. This event was focused on encouraging middle and high school girls to be empowered in reaching their goals, and preventing limiting circumstances like lack of diversity in STEM fields and lack of networking opportunities. Anyone entering 8th through 12th grade in the fall start of the school year was welcome to attend. (Check out some pictures below!)

The event gave young girls and women the opportunity to meet with a variety of business people from different industries. The breakout sessions allowed these young girls to connect with women and men in their interested career paths and gain advice and knowledge. The event was paired with fantastic talks, often focused around the idea that technology and STEM is an integral factor of any career or industry.

The hosts of the Girlcon event believe strongly in fixing the lack of diversity in STEM fields. And through their conference, they have achieved this in a way, by bringing people together to connect, grow, and gain confidence in their abilities as women in business.

The Blockchain Institute of Chicago

The Blockchain Institute of ChicagoBlockchain WTF is happy to be apart of this passionate and eager community. We are even happier to announce that we are also heading The Blockchain Institute. Our first debut was honorably at Girlcon, speaking about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

The Blockchain Institute is a non-profit founded to promote the adoption, development, and use of blockchain technology. Based in Chicago, The Blockchain Institute will offer a forum and means of education and collaboration in the Midwestern United States.

The Blockchain Institute of Chicago and Girlcon 2018The Blockchain Institute will be opening our flagship location in Chicago in the fall of 2018. There we will host a wide range of events and services to support the growth of decentralized projects in Chicago.

We will be aiding in community events like meetups and hackathons, as well as providing a wide range of educational resources for everyone’s needs and levels. To further the professional education of blockchain technology, we are going to be providing certification sessions to help develop your professional background, and offer accountability to your skill sets. Finally, we will also be doing workshops and networking events.

Access, education, and development are three critical components to building a strong, passionate community. Blockchain technology has the potential to give control of experience and information back to the user through open and transparent services. And more is bound to come. We genuinely look forward to the many more events — like Girlcon –, educational opportunities, and developments to come.

Check out The Blockchain Institute of Chicago here, and we’ll be posting updates about our building opening in fall of 2018.

Check out below for pictures from Girlcon!