Business on the Blockchain: Ether Futures – Ep. 011

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Bitcoin futures aren’t the only game in town anymore. In episode 11 of Business on the Blockchain, we’re going over the second cryptocurrency to have futures launched: Ether.

Bitcoin Futures

In December 2017, we saw both the CME Group and CBOE both take Bitcoin to the next level of legitimacy. They launched bitcoin futures, a market where buyers or sellers could “bet” on the future price of the cryptocurrency.

Futures are a tool that has been used by traditional investors for a while now. But the introduction of bitcoin futures took crytocurrency one step closer to mainstream adoption.

Ether Futures

Well, as many of you may have guessed, those running futures markets are already looking to another cryptocurrency.

In mid-May of 2018, London-based digital asset exchange, Crypto Facilities, announced that it would be launching Ether futures.

Despite CME and CBOE being the first to offer derivatives for Bitcoin, Crypto Facilities was quick to offer bitcoin futures after they were first introduced.

While many people may not have heard of Crypto Facilities, they likely have heard of the former employer of their founder, Timo Schlafer. Schlafer used to work for the London branch of Goldman Sacks. This is just part of a really interesting trend.

The future of mainstream crypto is coming

Getting these types of executives are not unique to Crypto Facilities. We’re seeing more and more high level finance and banking executives make a significant career change towards blockchain and cryptocurrency.

This whole development is especially exciting for believers in Ethereum, as this is the first time that Ether will be traded in a regulated market. The fact that this is happening in the United Kingdom is a big deal. Other countries look at their financial policies for reference; they are influencers.

The UK sanctioning Ether futures trading may lead other countries to rethink their positions. Exchanges may find themselves in a position where they have to adapt in order to compete. If Ether futures were not on the radar of these exchanges before, they are now.

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