Mega Tron: 3 Tron Price Predictions for the Future

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Launched in September of 2017, Tron is a blockchain-based platform that hopes to construct a global free content entertainment system. As their website explains,

“This protocol allows each user to freely publish, store, and own data. The issuance, circulation, and trading of digital assets, through decentralized self-governance, lay the foundation for the distribution and subscription of content, thereby empowering content creators as well as forming a decentralized content entertainment ecosystem.”

Tron was created by a development team led by Justin Sun. Sun is known for having created Peiwo – an app similar to Snapchat. He was also listed as one of Forbes “30 Under 30,” and is the most high profile name currently promoting the platform.

The coin associated with the Tron Platform is Tronix (TRX). At press time, a single Tronix is trading for a little over 9 cents. The token is enjoying some upward momentum at the moment. Currently, it is back among the top 10 cryptos by market cap, sitting at the number 9 spot.

TRX is one of the hottest tokens on the market at the moment, and some folks in the crypto space believe the best is yet to come. Keep reading below for three Tron Price Predictions for the future.

Note: This article is not intended to be investment advice. Readers are strongly encouraged to do their own research before investing in any cryptocurrency.


Organic Post is a website that provides information on a number of crypto-related topics. One of the sites authors, Alexander, who according to his profile, has worked in SEO experiments and spent roughly 2 years in the crypto space. He offered his Tron price predictions.

In his recent article, Alex provided a forecast that showed a single Tronix trading at around 26 cents by the end of 2019. Moreover, he also predicted that TRX could be worth around 32 cents by 2020 and in the year 2021, could go as high as 41 cents.

After reading his piece, it becomes clear that English probably isn’t the Organic Post blogger’s first language – making it difficult to understand the logic behind his TRX price predictions at times.

However, he did list the fact that Tron gives credits, it’s decentralized nature, and it’s previous price movements among his reasons for optimism.

Price Prediction.Co

As the name implies, Price is a website that specializes in crypto price forecasts. The site published an article in late April which offered TRX price predictions that look as far forward as 2022.

The unnamed author began their article by mentioning several positive news items affecting the popular altcoin. These items include Tron announcing an airdrop for all users who have Ethereum in their portfolio, moving their main launch date up from July 1st to May 31st, and an increase in trading volume – which has made it the most popular crypto on Koinex Trading platform.  He (or she) goes on to explain, “Tron has expanded to 31 countries with 2500 nodes in (within) a week of the Test Net launch.” The previously mentioned news bytes are among the many reasons given for the Price Prediction.Co wordsmith’s bold predictions.

After pointing out the positives, the anonymous writer goes on to predict that TRX coins could go as high as 23 cents by the end of 2019. From there, they go on to say, “Tron has a very high potential to grow in the present market. When it comes to Tron (s) future vale price forecast, it is very clear that there are many possibilities for high profits or returns in the future.”

The blogger decided to get even more bullish with his forecast, by stating,

“at the end of the year 2022, the Tronix coin future (p)rice will be $2.24411 USD.”

Andreas Kaplan

Andreas Kaplan is a blogger for Smartereum – a website that frequently offers price predictions.  He is also quite the outspoken Tron advocate.

In a recently published article, he explained the thought process behind his enthusiasm.

“It is one of the very few blockchains which enables easy publishing of the content without any restrictions. This will again provide enormous versatility when it comes to the applications of this platform. As the applications of this platform increase, the usability will increase further. As the usability increases, the prize of the token will increase further. This is the reason why the potential in the platform is enormous.”

This lead Kaplan to proclaim Tron price predictions of,

“within 5 years, it (TRX) is expected to trade around over $1.”

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