Coinflash and Blockchain WTF – Our Collaboration for Education!

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Over the next couple months, Coinflash and Blockchain WTF are working together to educate the community about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

We believe there is great importance in understanding the technology that makes cryptocurrencies work, and being educated on the tokens and coins you are investing in. This will help you get more involved in the industry, but also ensure your own autonomy and security in your investments into the space!

Coinflash and Blockchain WTF

Coinflash and Blockchain WTFBlockchain WTF is an free, online educational resource in the industry. We have a goal of educating the masses about blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and decentralization.

Coinflash is a service that rounds your debit and credit card purchases up to the nearest dollar and allows you to invest your spare change into cryptocurrencies. It is an amazing product that is aiding in this goal by bringing people into the space through a welcoming and easy to use platform. Coinflash allows people to invest with ease even if you don’t have much spare cash lying around!

Our efforts started when we partnered with Louis LaPat, the creator of Coinflash, to do an interview. You can check out the interview on Coinflash, Cryptocurrency, and Entrepreneurship here. From there, the situation blossomed into this collaboration for education!

Our goals!

Working together, we hope to ensure that your readily able to enter this space with an understanding about the technology and what you are investing in by providing you the necessary educational materials. That way, you can make the best choices for yourself, and make the best investments for you.

We look forward to bringing you simple, accessible, and comprehensive information about this industry through our collaboration.

If you want to tag along on this journey, follow Coinflash’s social media below, or sign up for their platform. You can also start by simply exploring our site, Blockchain.WTF. We have a variety of guides for all levels of learners!

Please reach out to us with any questions you have!

Check out Coinflash’s social media and website here: