Let’s Talk Bitcoin’s 5th Anniversary Event was INCREDIBLE!

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Let's Talk Bitcoin's 5th AnniversaryIn 2013, Let’s Talk Bitcoin (LTB) was launched and quickly became the go-to podcast for all things Bitcoin. The podcast has found great success, leading Let’s Talk Bitcoin to launch their very own tokenized podcasting platform.

Let’s Talk Bitcoin’s 5th Anniversary was lit

On April 25, 2018 the hosts of LTB celebrated their 5th Anniversary with a live recording at the beautiful Music Box Theater in Chicago, Illinois.

If you couldn’t attend the event, don’t worry! We’ll have pictures and videos up soon!

UPDATE: Check out the videos from the event here!

It was emceed by original Bitcoin and Open Blockchain (BoB) meetup founder and RECENT AUTHOR Pamela Morgan. (Be sure to check out her awesome book on Cryptocurrency and Estate Planning, and her previous talk on estate planning here.) The event didn’t disappoint.

Whether you are a hardcore follower of LTB or new to the Bitcoin space, there was something for everyone. From Tatiana Moroz’s groovy opening set to Andreas Antonopoulos inspiring keynote speech, the blockchain spectrum was well represented.

As mentioned above, the event kicked off with a performance by Tatiana Moroz, a musician and Bitcoin enthusiast who uses stellar performances to convey her message: Bitcoin can change the world for the better.

Andreas Antonopoulos carried this theme into his speech, reflecting on the changes that he has seen since the early days of Bitcoin.

Let's Talk Bitcoin's 5th AnniversaryThe main event had current LTB covering a wide range of topics. As most of the hosts have been involved with Bitcoin since its early days, they have the unique experiences required to reflect on the progression of Bitcoin. While most that have recently gotten involved consider themselves to be early adopters, the audience got to hear the perspective of some of the earliest adopters.

Overall, the event provided a unique experience for 700 lucky attendees. While we all we not around for the early days of Bitcoin, Let’s Talk Bitcoin‘s 5th Anniversary provided an outlook on how far we’ve come as a community.

Check out below for images from the event! (With more to come soon!)

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