Trezor Model T Review – Where security and functionality intersect

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The Trezor Model T is the hot new cryptocurrency hardware wallet, and we got our hands on one. From its new touch screen, to the quick setup process, to the state of the art security, the Trezor Model T aims to mix ease of use with security. There’s a lot to love about the Trezor, check out the rest of what we do and don’t like about the new Trezor Model T!

Trezor Model T Review

The Trezor Model T is the hot new cryptocurrency hardware wallet, and we’ve got one straight off the presses. We have received our Trezor Model T from the first batch, still in the plastic wrap with that new hardware wallet smell. I’m so excited! I can’t wait to tear this box open, and we’re going to get into the good, bad, and not so ugly on everything that the Model T offers.

Just a note, we paid for our Model T, and aren’t being paid for this review, so you can be sure you’re getting our honest opinion on the new Trezor Model T.

The Trezor Model T lays its features right out there on the box.trezor model t

Normally people thought that you have to pick one: security or convenience. It’s a trade off, but not with the Trezor Model T. Their hashtag? #SecurityMadeEasy. And that’s what this device is all about; that’s it’s goal.

Physical Features


Items that come in the box: the device itself, a USB cable, your recovery seed, and a user manual

One of the things that catches your eye immediate, especially if you’ve used the original Trezor, is the 240×240 pixel color touch screen. The previous edition had a small, dark screen that left a lot to be desired. The increased size of the the Model T allows for an incorporated touch screen used to confirm certain actions initiated by the TrezorBridge software, which we’ll get into in a minute. The look is sleek and the color touch screen makes the device easier to use, but the lack of weight in the device and lack of protection for the screen leaves us wanting for these physical features.

While durability is nice, it’s not the be all to end all. Just another reminder that if your device is damaged, you can simply restore your funds with the passphrase. The device looks sleek and the large color touchscreen is great for functionality, but if we were nitpicking we’d like if the device felt a little more durable, especially for the price tag.

Installing & setting it up

First step is to connect your device via USB-C. A really cool feature to ensure security, the device won’t actually connect to the computer. It won’t even draw power until the appropriate PIN is entered.

One of the things we love about the Trezor Model T is the set up process. The box directs you to head to, a website that acts as a complete guide through the install and on-boarding process. Just make sure when you head over to that page you click the Model T.

This will direct you to the Trezor beta wallet, which is more feature rich than the Trezor wallet software used by the first Trezor. The setup process is supposed to take just minutes, and our experience only affirmed that claim. Setup is jokingly easy, just make sure you know which operating system you’re on and download the appropriate bridge software. It’s easy and fast, which is why the install and setup is one of the things we love about the Trezor Model T.

TrezorBridge communications & added security

Another thing we love: the Model T’s software is used to communicate with your computer or phone. Previously to use the Trezor Wallet you had to download a Google Chrome extension. Not anymore. The TrezorBridge allows your device and your Internet browser to communicate, and it facilitates activities like sending and receiving cryptocurrency. The Bridge is rewritten from scratch, and it’s faster, more secure, and more reliable.

Upon installing the bridge you realize the precautions that the creators have taken in order to ensure the Trezor Model T. The device actually comes without firmware, as the people behind the Model T are constantly making improvements. They make sure that the firmware installed on the device is legitimate, as the device will let you know if the firmware is safe to use. They also offer FIDO/U2F, as a second means of defense. These additional security features make the Trezor Model T the staple of security for hardware wallets.

trezor hardware

hardware wallet

There’s room for a 0!

The little features make a big difference, such as having to enter a certain word to confirm that you have correctly written down your seed phrase, or that the numbers on the keypad (there’s now room for a zero) shift position each time, making it that much harder for someone to see. And those are a few reasons the Model T’s security is something we love!

Some cons with token support

Now we’ve given you a lot of reasons we love the Trezor Model T, but playing around with the bridge we did find a small issue. The software is yet to incorporate native support for Ethereum. That means you can’t send and receive ERC-20 tokens using the software. Don’t let this confuse you. The device is compatible with most ERC-20 tokens, and it can store them just fine. If you ever do want to send these coins, simply head over MyEtherWallet and login using your Trezor Model T! Is this a weakness? Yes. But is it more than a minor inconvenience? No.

Want one for yourself???

So it’s a really solid product, and one that is easy to use, secure, and convenient. It pretty much hits on all the bases. Now here’s the catch. The first batch has gone out, and all pre-orders are currently sold out. But if you head over to Trezor’s pre-order page you can sign up to be notified when the next pre-order occurs.

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