Lisk: Blockchain Token – What is it?

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This episode of Blockchain Token – What is it? covers Lisk!

With Bitcoin core being written primarily in C++ and Ethereum in Solidity (an independent JavaScript-based framework), there is a lot of confusion for developers about which language to focus on or learn altogether.

Lisk’s vision is to make blockchain technology more accessible, through incorporating JavaScript. And this is huge considering so many popular applications run on JavaScript. So a project like Lisk makes the blockchain accessible for users and developers if they know Java!

Lisk is a non-profit founded in 2016 by Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows.

Max and Oliver aim to empower and connect future blockchain creators in a first-of-its-kind community focused blockchain. They will do so by concentrating on the accessibility of JavaScript, technological and business education, as well as democratic inclusion within the network’s ecosystem.

The Lisk blockchain’s token is LSK. To send LSK from one account to another takes 10 seconds. After about 1–2 minutes, the transaction can be deemed immutable.

This happens through the use of sidechains. Developers will be able to build decentralized blockchain-based dApps in JavaScript. dApps will be hosted on a sidechain off Lisk’s main platform. You deploy your own sidechains and develop blockchain applications on top of them.

Some potential uses for Lisk include: decentralized storage, anonymous transactions, and even a social media based application.

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