Moving the Chain Spotlight #20: Charlie Shrem

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Moving the Chain is an ongoing series from Blockchain WTF that shines a spotlight on folks who are making an impact in the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.  


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Brooklyn, New York’s Charlie Shrem is currently the Director of Business and Community Development for Jaxx, a multi-platform blockchain cryptocurrency wallet (if you are interested, check out our review & demo here to see what Jaxx is like). He is also a founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation and began investing in the first cryptocurrency as far back as 2011.


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While he has done a great deal in terms of promoting cryptocurrency over the years, Shrem is arguably best known as the co-founder of BitInstant.

Founded in 2011, BitInstant was a New York-based Bitcoin exchange, that was formed with the intent of creating a more user-friendly way to both buy and purchase products with bitcoin (learn more about purchasing crypto here). By 2013, the company was processing roughly 30% of all bitcoin transactions. The exchange dissolved in 2014, due to legal issues.

Those who have seen the popular documentaries, The Rise of Bitcoin and Banking on Bitcoin, will likely recognize Shrem, who was featured prominently in both films.

As a founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation and Director of Business for Jaxx, Shrem continues to help “move the chain.”


Bitcoin is a brotherhood. That’s what keeps me involved, you’re changing the world, and you know that other people are doing it with you.”

Fun Fact

Charlie Shrem previously co-owned a bar in Manhattan known as EVR. The now-defunct establishment managed to make crypto history, by becoming the first bar in New York to accept bitcoin in 2013.

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