ICO or NO: Episode 29 Cube

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Self driving cars? No; this isnt some far off pipe dream, and it may be coming to a blockchain and road near you!

Cube sees a big change in transportation on the horizon and are looking to provide a blockchain-based solution. Self-driving cars are coming soon, with some Tesla’s already having some degree of autonomy. Cube aims to provide a network for self driving vehicles, allowing them to communicate. The platform would increase efficiency and safety of autonomous cars. The future is now with Cube, learn about the Cube ICO with us!

What is Cube & what problem are they trying to solve?

Electric cars are turning to self-driving cars, and they are going to need some way to make sure they don’t all crash into each other.

Our cars have essentially turned into computers. When you take it to your certified mechanic, you’re likely getting a software update as part of your routine upgrades. These computers are going to become more and more important as we make the move towards autonomous vehicles. Yes self driving cars, just like Kitt.

Elon Musk’s Tesla’s already have a degree of autonomy, performing functions such as staying in your lane, braking, and highway driving. But the current reality is that most cars on the road are user-operated. This is going to change, and it’s going to happen sooner than later. All tests indicate that the autonomous cars are safer and more efficient. Car companies are pouring money into research and development. This is going to be a big change.

And with any big change you need technology to support it! If every car is autonomous, well, those cars are going to have to communicate, and that’s where blockchain technologies may come in.

That’s where Cube comes in. Cube intends to create a network where autonomous vehicles can communicate.

Decentralization is really important for this — you do not want any party to be able to manipulate this data.

What are the market conditions facing the project?

Pretty unique project. Decentralization makes sense, you don’t want anyone tampering with a ledger if something does go wrong. Blockchain can do that, imprinting all of this data into immutable blocks. If there’s an accident, there will be a traceable record that leads to accountability.

I’ve seen IoT applications claim that they will be able to cover this. Maybe in the future, a more focused application is likely to win out.

Increased intrigue is going to turn into use cases. We’ve already accepted that the move to self-driving cars is going to occur. The blockchain provides the efficiency and security that this network needs to function.

Interesting question? What happens to all of the driving jobs when they become automated. Well that’s a video for a different day…

Who is the team behind the ICO?

No red flags about the team! Actually some of the opposite. You’re probably not going to recognize any names on the team. However, you will recognize the organizations where they have studied and worked. MIT, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon; the top universities. Samsung and top companies as well. It’s clear the team is competent. Is that a surefire way to success? Not necessarily. Does it help? Definitely.

What are the details of the token sale?

  • Price: 1ETH = 1,000 Cube + Presale Bonus 20%
  • Cap: 72,000,000 Cube
  • Token Sales: 72,000,000 CUBE; 60.00%; Pre-sale + Public-sale
  • Team: 31,560,000 CUBE; 26.30%
  • Company Reserve: 16,440,000 CUBE; 13.70%

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