The Speculation Continues…

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When one mentions the name Satoshi Nakamoto in cryptocurrency circles, they can expect to be met with a vast array of responses.

Some may snicker when hearing the pseudonym named used by the mysterious bitcoin creator.  In many cases, these are the people that have given up, moved on, and are ready to let the roughly 10-year-old mystery of who created bitcoin fade into obscurity.

They are content to allow the creator (or creators) of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency to take the secret to his or her grave.

who is satoshi nakamotoHowever, there is also another group. This group gets wide-eyed when they simply hear the name, Satoshi Nakamoto. Nearly a decade later, these folks are still fascinated by the possibilities behind the identity of the most high-profile unidentified human being (or beings) in recent history.

That being said, rather they want to admit or not, almost everyone has their own take or theory on who (or what) Nakamoto really is.

In this special edition of Finding Satoshi Nakamoto, we take a look at three of the wildest possibilities surrounding the elusive innovator’s true identity. Who created bitcoin?!?

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The Satoshi Bot

In previous editions of our series, we discussed the possibility of the bitcoin pioneer actually being a female or even a group of people.

Blockchain Unicorn

But what if Nakamoto isn’t a he, she, or they?

What if the Bitcoin founder is actually an it?

The ability to remain anonymous over the years has lead to whispers that Satoshi Nakamoto might be the pseudonym for artificial intelligence (A.I.).

In truth, the case for a Robo Satoshi is flimsy at best. The evidence for the bitcoin founder being an A.I. is almost entirely circumstantial and mainly centers on the multiple failed attempts to find Nakamoto’s whereabouts in an age where privacy is seemingly a thing of the past.

Moreover, for the theory to hold, someone would have had to initially create the A.I., which one could argue, makes that person the de facto bitcoin creator.

While it seems unlikely that a Satoshi bot will one day be unveiled, the possibility is still an interesting one.

Created By The US Government

Russian IT entrepreneur Natalya Kaspersky recently made headlines by claiming that Satoshi Nakamoto is a codename for a group of US cryptographers.

bitcoin and mma

In a recent speech given at a St. Petersburg based university, Kaspersky stated that

“Bitcoin is a project of American intelligence agencies, which was designed to provide quick funding for U.S., British, and Canadian intelligence activities in different countries. [The technology] is ‘privatized,’ just like the internet, GPS, and TOR. In fact, it is ‘Dollar 2.0’. Its rate is controlled by the owners of exchanges.”

Kaspersky is hardly a conspiracy theorist who simply appeared out of the woodwork. She is regarded as one of the most influential women in the Russian IT industry.

It’s unclear how the Russian businesswoman came to her conclusion regarding the creation of bitcoin, but her accusations have definitely garnered some attention among conspiracy theorists.

Made In China

chinaAt one point, there was a theory floating around that the Chinese government was responsible for creating Bitcoin.

The thought behind the theory was that bitcoin could potentially help China lessen their reliance on the US dollar. The country did establish the yuan-rubble payment system with Russia, which does demonstrate their government’s interest in establishing more efficient payment methods.

Moreover, the fact that China seemed so keen on embracing bitcoin in the early going helped to add fuel to these rumors.

However, with their government recently cracking down on crypto trading, this idea may seem far less plausible. The lack of any real evidence linking the country to the popular cryptocurrencies creation is also problematic for those who subscribe to this notion.

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