Business on the Blockchain – An Intro to Our New Series!

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Business on the Blockchain is a new series aimed at keeping you up to date on all of the big business moves towards blockchain technology. More and more businesses are exploring cryptocurrencies and blockchain (learn more about them here!), and we’re here to help you understand how some of these businesses are making this transition. It’s an exciting time for blockchain adoption, Jeremy will be helping you check out which businesses are jumping onto the wave!

Blockchains are entering the business space, and there’s a lot of info behind how this is happening. We’re close to blockchain technology having a major impact in industry, as evidenced by all of the consortiums and enterprises that are forming.

So we had an idea for a series. Why not cover some of these popular businesses that either are heavily exploring or even using blockchain technology. We’re calling it Business on the Blockchain, and we plan to keep you apprised of how the business landscape is changing due to the adoptions of cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

Cryptocurrency markets have gone insane as of late

You might think its just people going nuts over the next get rich quick scheme, but there is so much more. While the everyday investor is certainly helping prop up the bull market, this group cannot be responsible for the level of capital flowing into the space.

You don’t have to look far to see who is behind this, and they are likely some names that you have heard before. Companies that you might be familiar with are now pouring millions of dollars into researching and developing blockchain technology.

It has definitely been hard to ignore all this news about blockchains and cryptocurrency. While many thought these third party companies would actually be cut out of the equation, these institutions have chosen to adapt to this technology instead of fighting it.

Around the middle of 2017 you had some of the major consulting companies, with clients including prominent Fortune 500 companies, telling all their clients that blockchain was the real deal, and ignoring it will come at your own peril.

Businesses have responded

The increasing popularity of private blockchains has definitely appealed to enterprise. Blockchain technology was originally designed to have all data and transactions be transparent on the blockchain. Obviously some businesses don’t want to operate that way. Private blockchains allow for the speed, efficiency, and security of a blockchain; all while allowing these entities to maintain control over their data.

Every week we’ll highlight a new project, but honestly we’d rather make videos about the projects that you want to hear about. So if any of those catch your eye, please throw those down in the comments and we’ll be happy to cover them in the near future! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss out on any big news about businesses on the blockchain. We’ll see you next time!

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