OpenBazaar – A Rundown

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CryptocurrencyLooking to spend some of those crytpo gains? Or maybe sell some stuff for bitcoin? OpenBazaar is a completely decentralized online marketplace that accepts over 50 cryptocurrencies and pays sellers out in bitcoin. OpenBazaar removes geographic limitations by connecting users from all over the world.

The project is completely open-source and is not managed by any central entity. Many have described it as the eBay of the blockchain. Projects like  this decentralized marketplace are primed to accelerate mass adoption of cryptocurrency, as it will give people a viable place to spend their tokens!

Creating an store on the network is easy, too! Simply download, connect via Metamask, fill out the basic questionnaire, and you’re all set! Stores are customizable and each one is unique, so you’re bound to find some cool things on OpenBazaar.

Download OpenBazaar here!

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