Moving the Chain Spotlight #14: Roger Ver

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Moving the Chain is an ongoing series from Blockchain WTF that shines a spotlight on folks who are making an impact in the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency


Roger Ver has been investing in bitcoin-related startups since 2011. The voluntaryist (a person who works to achieve a free society through non-violent means) became a millionaire at the age of 25, after starting his own computer parts business.

He played a major role in funding many of the early bitcoin-related startups. Ver has backed several popular companies, including well-known cryptocurrency exchanges like Kraken and Ripple. Having been an early and outspoken advocate for the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, Ver earned himself the nickname “Bitcoin Jesus.” logo

Currently, he is the CEO of, a website that helps folks buy bitcoin and also provides the latest in bitcoin-related news. In 2016, Ver became chairman of MGT Capital Investment’s Cryptocurrency Advisory Board. MGT is company led by anti-virus software pioneer, John McAfee. The company plans to use Ver’s expertise to try and improve their cybersecurity.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say the Roger Ver has been moving the chain, long before most people even knew blockchain technology existed.


“A better world won’t be won with votes, guns, bombs, or tanks. It will be won with encryption, 3D printing, meshnets, drones, and bitcoin.”

Fun Fact

Ver, who previously ran for office on the libertarian ticket, made headlines last September when he announced his plan to start a new libertarian colony. According to reports, he is currently in negotiations with several countries and hopes to begin populating his new nation within the next two years. The CEO emphasizes that there will be no taxation and that people will need to raise money for things like roads on their own. To learn more about Ver’s project, check out Building a Utopia: 3 People That Believe Blockchain Tech Can Help Create a Better World.

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