Bitcoin, Ethereum and ICOs! ICO or NO – End of The Year Edition (2017)

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It’s been a crazy year for ICOs! As a 2017 end-of-the-year wrap up, we thought it would be fun to give you updates on some of the ICOs we’ve covered this year. Whatever happened to projects like Unikrn, Tezos, and Eos? Check out this video to see which projects made it big and which ones flopped in this ICOs 2017 year end review!

Some extra stats on ICOs in 2017

According to CoinSchedule, in 2017 there were 235 Initial Coin Offerings. The year-end totals came in at $3,700,683,293… Yes… That’s over $3 billion raised in ICO’s in 2017.

34.5% of these were projects focusing on infrastructure. While the other top categories included trading and investing at 13.7%, finance at 10.2%, payments at 7.8%, data storage also at 7.8%, and drugs and healthcare at 5.5%, amongst dozens of other industry categories.

Most of this money was raised from September through October, with September being the biggest influx of money into ICO’s. Filecoin and Tezos both came in at the top, being the most successful ICO’s in terms of money raised – both over $257,000,000 and $232,319,000 respectively.

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