The Ripple Effect: 3 Daring Ripple Price Predictions (XRP)

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With some of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum trading at over $10,200 and $900 (at the time of writing) respectively, some investors have begun to seek more affordable alternatives to buy in bulk.

As a result, budget-friendly altcoins like Ripple (XRP) have begun to make headlines in recent months. At the time of writing, a single XRP can be purchased for around $1.26.

While Ripple is certainly affordable, some people may still be wondering what it is exactly.

RippleIn a nutshell, Ripple is a modernized infrastructure for global payments. The digital asset token XRP arrived on the scene back in 2012, intent on addressing issues like excessive cost and transaction speed across payment systems, by using blockchain tech.

The video and page here goes into greater detail for those who would like to learn more and find resources on Ripple.

Now that we have a general understating of what Ripple is and it’s price point, one might reasonably ask, “where is it heading going forward?”

With that in mind, here are some XRP price predictions for the not-so-distant future.

Note: This article is not intended to be investment advice. Readers are strongly encouraged to do their own research before investing in any cryptocurrency.


Craig Beck

Author, self-help guru, and dot-com millionaire, Craig Breck follows both the stock market and cryptocurrency closely. In fact, the Millionaire University founder recently published an article predicting the price of XRP by the end of 2018.

In his piece, the British author writes,

“Ripple is not anti-banks like some other digital currencies. Some people don’t like that! Over time and as long as financial institutions prevail, XRP is likely to affirm as a solid investment, but its rates can see a descending pattern in some of the months.”

Citing factors such as powerful innovation, integrity, and growing enthusiasm; Beck believes that XRP could be trading at around $5 as this year comes to a close.

Ripple Coin News

Ripple tokenAs the name would indicate, Ripple Coin News is a site dedicated to sharing information on the popular altcoin. It will probably come as a little surprise that they are quite bullish on XRP in the coming months.

According to the sites founder and editor, who publishes under the name Ahmadderar, Ripple is in for a big year. The editor points to factors such as Ripple working with big financial institutions, and it’s processing speed as reasons for positive price movement going forward.

Ahmadderar believes that XRP could rise above $10 in 2018.

Chokri Ghanmi

Online marketer and social media influencer, Chokri Ghanmi is one of the biggest Ripple bulls one can expect to find. Back in August of 2017, he claimed that, “Ripple would be worth $1,000 in 3 years!”

He points out that 15 of the top 50 banks work with Ripple, with 116 countries having financial institutions that are implementing it in production.

According to Ganmi’s Medium article,

“Ripple processes more transactions than bitcoin and ethereum combined – at 1/100th the cost per tx, XRP takes an average of 3.7 seconds to transact, while Bitcoin averages two hours, I think XRP’s current growth is big, but it’s not even a 100th of what it can become. If price goes to $10 XRP will on highway to rise $1000 easily.”


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