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Moving the Chain tiffany hayden blockchain

Moving the Chain Spotlight #17: Tiffany Hayden


Tiffany Hayden is a blockchain influencer and an important woman in the blockchain and crypto space. She’s the community manager for Edge, and is a big proponent for Ripple and the financial industry integrating technology. She’s Moving the Chain! See how in this article.

Blockchain Token waltonchain

Waltonchain: Blockchain Token – What is it?


Waltonchain is a platform that specializes in tagging packing shipments via RFID technology. By putting the supply chain on the blockchain brings greater transparency to all involved parties. Check out how Waltonchain can use the blockchain to provide quality assurance in a transparent, secure way.

ICO or NO telegram ico

ICO or NO: Episode 28 Telegram


Telegram is a popular messaging app that is turning to the blockchain! The TON network will provide secure decentralized messaging. They are conducting an ICO for their GRAM token which will be used to power the network! Watch Jeremy break down everything you need to know about Telegram and the TON  project!

Blockchain Token qtum

Qtum: Blockchain Token – What is it?


Qtum’s aim is to make smart contracts easier and more secure while offering interoperability with leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. This video explains the project, and how they aim to achieve this!

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