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This episode of Blockchain Token covers Civic! In this series, we will cover the different types of blockchain platforms and cryptocurrencies on the market right now.  We’ll give you a quick description of each blockchain/token, its function, who is their competition and where you can learn more!

Civic is a blockchain-based platform that has the goal of affirming identity through the use of blockchain technology. Privacy is on the forefront of Civic’s agenda, as with Civic, you alone have the private keys to access your information. Through implementing this technology, social trust is established through trusting the platform. Watch Disruption Joe as he breaks down the Civic project!

Civic is attempting to give businesses & individuals the tools to control and protect their identities. Their Secure Identity Platform bridges the gap between the physical and digital storage of your private information.

As a user you can download the app now. When you enter your personal information, you know it is secure because it is on the blockchain. It can’t be less safe than being on an Equifax Server, or Citibank, or Ebay, or JP Morgan… You get the point.

With Civic, you alone have the private keys to access your information. Keys are generated by a third-party wallet, providing a firewall between Civic and users’ keys. Identity data is fully encrypted in the app on the user’s device and can be accessed with biometrics. A fingerprint will be able to identify you as the true owner of the data to any company, government, or organization that is partnered with Civic.

A cool feature is that a Civic business partner can send you a QR Code with all the information connected to a service requiring identity verification. Imagine arriving at the airport and all they have to do is watch you scan your fingerprint and then they scan the QR code to know the ticket is in fact yours.

Civic is not the only company trying to solve this sovereign identity problem. Governments and institutions all over the world are working on this same problem.

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