Ethereum Delirium: 3 Predictions For Ether’s Price In The Coming Years

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These days cryptocurrency headlines are often dominated by the industry leader, Bitcoin. While Bitcoin is clearly the most well known and established altcoin on the market, there are several other players in the blockchain space that have also seen major growth regarding both price point and popularity. One such cryptocurrency is known as the ether token (ETH), which is the value token on the Ethereum blockchain.

EthereumEthereum was created by a team lead by a computer programmer (and Bitcoin Magazine co-founder), Vitalik Buterin. Ethereum went live back in July of 2015 and has seen its tokens value increase exponentially, over a relatively short period. In January of 2017, an ether could be purchased for around $8. By late November, the price was just under $500 (USD) and at present time is trading in the high $400s.

2017 was definitely a good year the popular token, but some folks might still be wondering, what does the future hold for one of the world’s leading altcoins? With that in mind, here are 3 predictions for the price of (ETH) in the coming years.

(Disclaimer- this is not investment advice. The author does own ETH.)

1 – Investment Haven

Ethereum price prediction$1,000 (USD) by 2020 was the price forecast given by the market news site, Investment Haven. Investment Haven freely admits that “there is no useful data available to apply a direct forecasting method.” However, the site took into account three major components in their forecast using supply and demand fundamentals including: supply statistics, ether application demand statistics, and ether investment demand.

2 – Michael Asumcinei

According to Steemit author Michael Asumcinei, it’s:

“…hard to see ETH by 2020 value less than $10,000 per coin for many reasons – the main is that it’s linked to BITCOIN and their network is actually faster than BITCOIN itself.”

This prediction assumes Bitcoin adoption doesn’t stop and that Ethereum follows its price movement as (and if) it continues to increase. Asumcinei also claims that features like lower transaction fees, faster speed, and better security makes ether the “stronger” token, which could even lead to price point as high as $100,000 per unit.

3 – Walletinvestor

Though their predictions literally change every 3 minutes, claims that ETH (at the current price of $467.12) will be worth roughly $929.23 (USD) in a year’s time and could go as a high as $1691.31 (USD) in five years time. The site claims to “predict future values with technical analysis for wide selection of digital coins like Ethereum.” According to the data in Walletinvestor’s section about the Ethereum Project, Ethereum will not crash, nor will it surpass/overtake Bitcoin in the near future.

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