From Bitshamed to Bitcoin Millionaire: The Touching Tale of Andreas Antonopoulos


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Image via Andres Antonopoulos’ personal website

bitcoinBy now even most casual investors have heard of Bitcoin. It’s being covered by major media outlets and is a hot topic that is being discussed by some of the biggest names in the financial industry.

However, long before the popular altcoin was making headlines on CNN, there was (and still is) a Bitcoin community.

It started out as a very small community. A community of dreamers who believed that an alternative currency and the technology behind it, could change, not only the way we do business but perhaps even the financial industry as a whole.

Bitcoin Pioneers

Many of these early Bitcoin advocates, who invested years ago, are now millionaires several times over. One such man is Roger Ver, an early Bitcoin investor who has been dubbed “Bitcoin Jesus.”

The man they call “Bitcoin Jesus” has made so much money off of his investments, that he’s quite literally trying to buy his own country.

Ver has been in the news recently for calling out another Bitcoin pioneer, Andreas Antonopoulos. Antonopoulos, a respected member of the altcoin community, is known for delivering rousing speeches and even writing books on the subject of Bitcoin.

In a recent tweet Ver stated,

Andreas is one of the most eloquent speakers on the topic of Bitcoin, but if he had invested even $300 in bitcoin back in 2012, he’d be a millionaire today.

This prompted Antonopoulos to reveal that he had invested in Bitcoin early. While he was off fighting in the Bitcoin crusades, taking on legacy banks and (what he viewed) as obsolete payment systems, he was forced to sell his Bitcoin in order make ends meet. He had been living paycheck to paycheck and only recently became debt free in 2016.

Antonopoulos responded to Ver with a tweet of his own,

I did invest, Roger. Then I sold in 2013 to pay my rent. I didn’t have disposable income to work for two years without pay and invest at the same time. I should’ve gone into more debt, but that would have been irresponsible towards my family who I supported.”

andreas antonopoulos

Antonopoulos speaking at Internetdagarna 2017

When members of the Bitcoin community, such as investor Brian Kelly, heard of the cryptocurrencies speaker’s plight, they rallied behind him, asking for donations on his behalf. There was even a Twitter hashtag, #THANKYOUANDREAS created to show support for the author.

In just two days times, Andreas Antonopoulos received roughly 100 Bitcoins from various supporters, worth somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.5 million US dollars.

Antonopoulos is now a Bitcoin millionaire.

The story of Andreas Antonopoulos shows that the Bitcoin community is made up of more than just millionaires, dreamers, and tech geeks.

It’s made up of people who genuinely care about one another. A world that is often focused on obtaining digital assets, reminds us that an asset we all have can make the most difference. That asset is the human heart.

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