How To Back Up Your PRIVATE KEYS From Your Cryptocurrency Wallet!

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Backing up your wallet can save you a lot of turmoil and strife. Accidents happen – whether it’s a broken phone, lost computer, or a potential scare. Backing up your cryptocurrency wallets private keys can make a potential crypto-catastrophe or major issue into a minor problem that can be more easily fixed, and without the loss of your cryptocurrency.

Jeremy, from our ICO or NO series, ran into this issue earlier this week. But his Jaxx Wallet was backed up. This saved his wallet’s funds and gave him some peace of mind.

In this video, he goes over how to back up your private key from your cryptocurrency wallet, so that way you don’t have the same issue. (He goes through Jaxx Wallet, Ark Wallet, and MyEtherWallet.)

Backing up your keys is essential to your crypto-safety, so make sure you are taking the right steps for your security. Read more about cryptocurrency wallets here! To watch a demo of how to get a Jaxx wallet, check out this link. And here is one for MyEtherWallet!

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